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10 Men Leeds

OK, I know some of you get tired of hearing this, but REALLY,
We have played with 10 committed players and Bamford all season. How good would we have been with 11 committed players?
It said it all when he was on his mobile phone during the Fulham match.
We are going up, but to stay up for a second season we need a striker who can put the ball in the back of the opposition net.
Bamford is not that striker.
We should have hammered Luton tonight not dropped two points by only getting a draw.
Yes they were fighting for survival and perhaps the 5 yellow cards showed exactly the commitment the Luton players have for their team.
There is still a lot of football left in the run in and we need total 100% from all the team not just 10 players.


Vital Youth Team
Brentford having a clear run.
87 points for Leeds to get promoted.
Blackburn next.
Even odds to win but not an easy place to get a win.


Vital Newbie
For me Klich that needs dropping not the same player since lock down, like to see the difference in his stats passing is dreadful.


Vital Squad Member
There is more than 1 player not currently at the races, Costa, Phillips and Pablo who must be still carry some kind of injury. Bamford, well Bamford is Bamford, although to be fair to him, he does get in great spaces but the final ball is pretty pathetic and don't start me on corner kicks and free kicks!!!!. Brentford cannot keep on going great guns and will slip up somewhere. I think Fulham are a spent force which leaves West Brom who are similarly going through a patch like ourselves. Saturdays results will give us an indication on ow long we will need to grow our nails!!