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  • I also remember playing against you at The Colliers in the Orrell Quiz League but just the once I think ? …I’ve been playing in that for 30 odd years until COVID killed the last two seasons. I could be wrong here but I THINK your Mrs used to sometimes catch the Pem or Abbey Lakes bus home from school ….I might be on the wrong track here but maybe she lived Newton or Pem way ??
    My name is Ian Barlow originally from Newtown, I don’t think we know each other per se ….I know you ‘by sight’ and Springfield when you broadly recognised by sight half the crowd after 10 years! ….My wife was Julie Highton and she is a school year younger than me/you/your wife ….one of her oldest mates was Kathy Lawton who married John Evans who was in the same year as you at Gidlow/Whitley
    Hi Zeb
    I am just responding to the posts from last week, Can I ask who you are, more so who your wife is, I must know you, my wife Lynne is also an ex Whitley/High school girl of our age so is likely to know at least your Mrs.
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