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    Jonah's Really REALLY Interesting Thread

    Spoon Fork Knives Steak knives Collection of other knives Teaspoons in the horizontal direction
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    The All New TV Thread

    Got to be in my top ten all time tip top shows I think!
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    Football During Coronavirus Crisis

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    The Jack Grealish Thread

    Needs to grow up. Or get a chauffeur.
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    Man's best friend.

    @Trekker Had to google that breed. Blimey, strong dogs!
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    Aston Villa Away To West Ham Utd Official Thread

    Yes, just came on to say similar, genuinely have no clue on this one. If they are tight at the back, we might struggle, we need space like Liverpool and Arsenal gave us. Could be a good high scoring game, but as you say, probably end up a dull 0-0
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    The Ross Barkley Thread

    He also got into yoga and says that made his career years longer than it would have been
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    Top 10 Xmas Films

    For me, I'm sure the list would be long if I had kids or indeed, grandkids to share the viewing experience with. Other than that, it just isn't my disco all this!
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    Yes, I switched him off and just read the details in the end. I would imagine a good few of the Tory MP's can't wait to see the back of the gobshite either. And look at these people, might as well just give up really. Selfish ****s
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    Jonah's Really REALLY Interesting Thread

    Goooooooood morning Vital Villans :wave: #freethefearone
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    what was he rambling on about, we can hear the hooves of the cavalry coming over the hill, but they aren't here yet. Oh please just fuck off.
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    What was the last film you watched

    The Banker - Samuel L Jackson, Anthony Mackie, Nicholas Hoult. In the 1960s two African-American entrepreneurs hire a working-class white man to pretend to be the head of their business empire while they pose as a janitor and chauffeur. Very well done...
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    Jonah's Really REALLY Interesting Thread

    I managed to get my Tag sold towards the operation today. Paypal though, seem to hold up every payment transfer to me at the moment, the chumps.
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    Wish one of them would ask Johnson "Just how far out of your depth are you? And why is Hancock still in a job?"
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    Football During Coronavirus Crisis

    Inner City brum, so you would think at the very least tier 2, but probably 3 in Aston wouldn't you?