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    anybody who burnt the candle at both ends in the 60s and 70s, smoking and boozing to the max, cant afford not to be careful,, i havent smoked for 30 years and try to stay fit, even though im half knackered, but i do drink some red wine for medicinal purposes,,seanie
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    Politics Thread

    i agree, nearly the same as a villa supporter, its like a drug ,a good bit of news though united lost, although they insisted they should of had 6 pens
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    Racism in football/booing/the knee

    when i was a kid, i was livng in aston i was always rooting for ireland, but funny how time changes things, now im back home.nearly 25 years. im actually missing the uk, over here at the moment the uk is getting a terrible slagging from the irish social media, its not the ireland i loved when i...
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    Aston Villa vs Everton Saturday 18th September 17:30

    i dont think deans got the know how, if he sticks to experimenting. it could be awhile getting points, he as to play the players on form , mings needs a rest, bring him down from the clouds, make it as simple as possible not complicated,.seanie
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    Chelsea v Aston Villa Match Thread - 11/9 - 5.30pm

    who ever pick the team must be obsessed with centre halves, if its deano, it didnt work, is there anybody else to sort it out, cos things are looking bad,, seanie
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    Emma Raducanu

    fantastic, thanks to the one of the lads on the forum, i found out it was on channel4. against all the odds and a partisan crowd she won but talk about stress, could not take anymore,,,seanie
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    over in germany, they are giving antigen testing 2 times a week for school kids, without any problems at all, i think the people making these tests,,dont like the antigen because its too cheap, they cant make enough money out of it .. imagine playing around with something so serious, i hope im...
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    US Politics Thread

    good on ya.. there are lots of american high tech companies here, apple etc and as i said there is an impetus on working from home, thats why people are moving to rural areas, where you can get properties with a bit of land such as an acre, well under a 100 000 euros, where as the likes of...
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    US Politics Thread

    hi siggy, have you thought about moving to ireland, lots of people are moving from cities and towns into areas such as kerry and working from home, at the moment properties prices are low compared with the uk but starting to rise, its a great place for a young family, seanie
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    The World Cup 2022 Thread

    poland came out like gladiators and tried to muscle their way through, kicking everything in front of them including the ball, no way to play football, hopefully they dont qualify. the ref was to timid, they must of scared the harse off him..seanie
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    The World Cup 2022 Thread

    no point bringing the kids on to get the clap kicked out of em, poland were brutal, southgate had no option but it was a good tough game, lesser sides would have caved in, not our boys,,,,seanie
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    The World Cup 2022 Thread

    it beggars belief conor h was a sub for the the irish team and only brought on towards the end, surely he should have started. although yer man said. he is building a team for 2024, i think the writing is on the wall. seanie
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    you still have to keep safe, dont forget this is a learning curb, and its much to early to drop your guard, we could be living with covid as a normality, i really do think its up to us now ,i will carry on doing the right things as long as it takes, my partying days are long gone,,,seanie
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    The Emi Martinez Thread

    this pre season is a right rollocks, ,it looks like the planning as fallen apart, lets hope we dont lose more points through it, as it stands heads should roll, faulty towers comes to mind,,, seanie