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    First non heading football match to take place

    If you took away headers think back to the greatest goal in Gills history. Would Thommo have got to it with his foot ? Outlawing heading would possibly cause more injuries as players who previously used their head go for the ball with their foot.Would the shoulder and chest be still legal...
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    covid 19 report

    Given Covid didn't happen in your view. Maybe we are all a figment of government imagination.Perhaps none of us exists. Therefore you have no need to post on here because you don't exist.
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    Chairmans Chat...

    I refer you to 58s answer.The club is unlikely to gain financially and it is also unlikely that as a result of such action more supporters will attend games.So in my view even if it is the correct course of action for Mr Paul Scally it will result in a negative action for the club.For which...
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    Chairmans Chat...

    Personally I don't see it likely that the club will gain in any financial way what so ever out of any legal action against a private individual or individuals who probably won't have two pound coins to rub together.But it is clear perhaps understandably given the legal battles in the past that...
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    Chairmans Chat...

    Maybe there isn't a bar manager working other than on match days.You are making some fair points I for example am less likely to be able to talk about positives while there is so much negativity in the news .With this likely to continue for many months if not years if it is going to court .I...
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    Chairmans Chat...

    All very sad in my opinion.I have no further comment to make at this time.
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    Gills manager quiz

    Sir Keith doesn't even get a mention so you had no chance. Shows when this supporter started watching the Gills.
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    Gills manager quiz

    I managed to get a few right by trying to work out approximately how many points we would have got.Certainly not straightforward a lot of the questions I did have to estimate.
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    Gills manager quiz I got 20 out of 26.i am sure you can do better.
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    Gills Under 18s

    The club don't seem keen on publicity for the youngsters. I do understand that players can be taken on the cheap by other clubs. But not talking about our youth set up also might make it harder to sign up new young players.Other clubs do report on their under 18 games.
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    don't shout for scally to go!

    Good post .But I would say it would be logical if Scally wanted to get Bauvill on board with the new ground project.Which could still be Scally's only planned escape route. Weather anything like that will happen we will only find out if it ever gets off the ground. I doubt very much that that...
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    league one so far (n/g)

    Donny have been playing with no strikers due to those few they have being injured. Not sure if that situation has improved for them. It is starting to look like our draw at Wimbledon was a decent result judging on their early season form.They have certainly been scoring goals of late some of...
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    don't shout for scally to go!

    Someone mentioned Durham in a post recently. I thought I would look up when he last posted.If you are not interested that is fine .
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    don't shout for scally to go!

    One day after Steve Evans was appointed .Durham Gills posted these messages. rumours I take onboard your comment but I never said he would never employ Evans, rather contrary to that I said the PS would employ who he wanted to and who he considered the best applicant for the job regardless of...
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    The non league scene.

    There would be ways around the football theme park site .IE the entrances could be miles apart .Parking for the football would be impossible otherwise.I would think a Colchester style car park which you buy with your ticket could be a way round some of the problems. But you would still have...