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    Musings for 2021.

    This apology for a government don,t need any help in making them look bad .If there was a olympics for making yourselves look bad this shower of shit would win the gold medal, and don,t even mention the tossers in the opposition.
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    Great to see Fulham F****d

    SBT hope you,re including students in that lot. Daughter lives in Crookes and how i miss knocking them down when i go to she her i have no idea,they are just brain dead.
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    Grayblade been on turmeric and black pepper capsules, from the company you recommended, for 10 weeks and i feel a lot better than i did on meloxicam. I still have poor days depending on the weather but less aches and pains than i did before. Many thanks for your advice and i would recommend...
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    Halo My Blades

    This thread as well and truly cheered me up Why? Just spent the last two hours ranting and raving about fucking useless twatting Microsoft, three fucking days of fucking updates to wife.s and my laptops only to find i can,t connect my bluetooth headphones to either computor. why? Because them...
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    Will let you know Greyblade. Had to have a new right knee in 2008 and a operation on my right hand four years ago in which they shaved some bone from my bottom knuckle and relaid the tendons. It is now worse than before so ready to try anything.
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    Many thanks both of you will give it a try.I have already asked a doctor at Rotherham Hospital who said they couldn,t give an answer due to being at work.
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    Some time ago a member ( Greyblade ?) mentioned using Turmeric and Black Pepper for arthritis, are you or anybody else still using it and have you stopped using prescribed medication? Considering using it myself so i can stop using Meloxicam.