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The NUFC Takeover Thread Saga - Climb Aboard The Emotional Rollercoaster.


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There has been and still is genuine interest.

He doesn't want to sell and the effort he puts into trying to con us into believing he does reveals just how much our club is worth to him.

I don't blame him though being a greedy twat is in his nature.
The Keegan betrayal and the Benitez worship proves it's down to us.

The Owl

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Ashley's only two interests are money and pissing off Newcastle fans. Of course there has been interest but what chance does anybody have of completing a deal when you are negotiating with a man whose sole intention is to be as awkward as he can be and owning a cash cow.


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So then, an article in this morning's Times with the headline 'Ashley casts doubt on £340m Saudi-backed buyout' won't come as a surprise, certainly not on here. Saying he (Ashley) was still committed to the club and had given Bruce the spending power he asked for in the January window (although an accepted bid of £35m for Soumare didn't happen after the player refused to come to a club that uses wheelie bins for ice baths. Even his initials painted on the side of the bin failed to sway the Frenchman.)
Ashley was a guest in the directors box at Oxford's Kassam Stadium on Tuesday where he he revealed his commitment to the club.


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Out of interest in case anyone wants to know but the wife was speaking to a current NUFC first team squad member at the weekend. The above player thinks that all takeover talk is rubbish and if a deal is going to be done, it will be done on the quiet!


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The Man City situation has a huge impact on restricting the field of potential buyers. The model of chucking cash at getting a league position is probably out of the window, therefore the buyer has to get a decent commercial rate of return.

Ashley may have missed his biggest chance of selling the club at the sort of price he would want. He also shot himself in the foot in letting his managerial asset go. With Rafa, it was a £350 million plus club. Now, he would be lucky to get £250 million for it.


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I think the free season ticket fiasco adds weight to your assertion mac.
Luckily for Ashley waiting for him to die appears to be the weapon of choice favoured by our battle hardened support.

If he never had any intentions if selling it blows the 'sheep, cowards, wankers' theory out of the water