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The Neverending NUFC Takeover Thread.


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Contract negotiations broken down with Benitez because they’ve left it too late, as per? Season ticket sales not going to plan?

I’ll believe all of this bullshit about a sale when the new owners are standing on the pitch with a scarf held aloft. Apparently this bloke couldn’t even prove he has any cash...


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Can anyone on here found out if there is any truth in reports of some landing slots being booked for private aircraft on Friday from Dubai?


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It has been quite an elaborate plan, even for Ashley to get to the start of the coming season still owning the club, breakdown in negotiations with Rafa and a lack of incoming players


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Does anybody else think this is all going to fall completely flat on its arse?

The way it was originally reported the deal would be completed in a matter of days. Now it emerges that this one is no further forward than Staveley or Kenyon's alleged takeover attempts.

How convenient that it will be completed in 3 or 4 months, about the time the transfer window closes. Just think, we have it all to look forward to about October time again.

Season ticket sales must be disappointing!


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Indeed ukrocks. My thoughts exactly. Yet another road that leads to laughing stock.
I'll believe it when the Sheikh is standing in the middle of SJP wearing a black n white Thawb with a scarf above his head.

Tried posting on the Chronicle site but they all believe it's true and NUFC will become the next Man City.

Ahh well, it was nice to dream for a day.


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It was horse shit all along, and now the fans that still go after all this need to take a long hard look at themselves, because they are the reason fatty is still owner.

I don't know another set of fans of other clubs that would put up with an owner like Ashley.
My reading of it is that nothing has changed from the original Sun exclusive (if true). All that said was that terms had been agreed and from there you can make whatever interpretation you want, regardless of the media or rumour mongers confusing matters.

We've been here before in that we believe nowt until proven otherwise but again, if true, to the Middle Eastern group, an agreement by mouth may mean a completely different kettle of fish than what we believe it to mean.

Obviously I have my doubts but there's definitely something up as there is no logic whatsover in pissing about with the club anymore for Ashley and if this is a delaying tactic, it's costing him cash in the long run.
Also it's fairly common knowledge that there has been numerous bids to buy Newcastle with proof seen by many respectable people, it's also pretty well known that people have agreed on a price with Ashley before the goalposts have been changed overnight.

The difference this time is that it seems the Middle Eastern group has went public after having a verbal agreement in place, so if anything it's close or a massive spanner in the Ashley propaganda game.
My take is the press no fuck all as it came out the blue so are doing there usual and making it up, some supporting the idea with their ‘known’ contacts in the Middle East and other pouring cold water over it because the Liverpool deal didn’t happen.

We have been here many times and I will only believe it when it actually has the yellow banner flashing across Sky sports with some Arab looking chaos waving a black and white scarf above his head.

In the meantime I will sit with baited breath on this one - even LinkedIn have had some responses on this so maybe just maybe there is something in this