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The Neverending NUFC Takeover Thread.


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I think it's passed stage Paul if you take their press release at face value. Hopefully 12 years of misery have come to an end. However I wan't the club to be run for the community and luckily FFP means we can't buy the league like Shitty and Chelski. It would be great to bring through some Beardleys, Gascoignes and Shearers and not have fucking food banks outside of SJP every home game.


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Apparently if (and personally I still think there will be a sting in the tail) the sheik will still need to pass the owners and directors test to be able to take up the reins at Newcastle United. Wonder if Chinyelu will be on the vetting panel?
There is a fair percentage of people that will not understand the permutations of how big this could be. It would mean the return of club shops, Keegan and Shearer being welcome. It ok to buy the kids club merchandise again. Pride in saying which team you support. Genuine hope that this year could be our year in the cups. Genuine belief that the training ground can be rebuilt and stadium expanded or shifted to leazes park. Etc etc.

Difficult to think too far ahead considering the crooked last 12 years but we’re due change


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Don't know whether it's just me but I'll always smell the proverbial rat
In anything the toad has dealings with,he's more than capable of scuppering any done deal given his history of lies & deceit.
If it goes through,hopefully he'll never set foot in Tyneside again.
Good fkn riddance & take your cronies with you.


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This seems fair. I have done a couple of pieces on what the club is worth. It depends on who is buying and for what reason, some Toony has put up on here, some he hasn't.

This could be the best sort of buyer for us, not an American sports franchise wishing to expand TV rights etc, not a business consortium seeking to maximise profits in the short to medium term, not a nouveau riche oligarch but a long term investor with, perhaps, oil wealth seeking to generate long term revenue streams for when the fossil fuel riches are no longer on tap.

I think back to an exchange of PMs with another board member here. If you have seen Ashley's Select Committee presentations, it become obvious that retail is his first love. He was always going to sell when the risk and opportunities in his preferred sector meant that he could reallocate his funds appropriately for him.

Debenhams could have done us the biggest favour ever.


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Something is definitely up. Ashley has sold Shirebrook and leasing it back for 15 years. If he sells NUFC, with the "loan" being paid back, he is looking at raising about £600 million for something.