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    Prediction League game 28 Swansea v Forest.

    Swansea 1 v reds 2. Thanks hr ☺
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    Predictuon League game 27 Forest v Middlesboro

    Sticking my neck out and hoping to continue our good form Forest 2 v Borough 1. Thanks HR 😊
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    Prediction League game 26 Forest v Millwall.

    Reds 2 v them 1. Thanks hr ☺
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    Prediction League game 25 Forest v Cardiff.

    Reds 1 v Cardiff 2. Thanks hr ☺
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    I'm alright Jack but thanks for the reminder
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    You don't half talk load of bollocks
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    Prediction League game 24 Preston v Forest.

    Forest win 2 v 1. Thanks hr ☺
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    Prediction League game 23 Stoke v Forest.

    Stoke 1 v forest 2. Thanks hr ☺
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    I have no regrets at all.
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    I forgot to mention that you and many others on here are in the "I have nothing camp whilst us boomers are living it up " pure unadulterated jealousy , meanwhile I will continue to enjoy life to it's fullest and spend spend spend after all its my money. If it runs out then at least I can fall...
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    Pure jealousy
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    Prat I left school at 14 worked all my life unlike you. BTW try again, not a civil servant
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    Its a bit like insurance, you/we take out insurance against future mishaps. If the unthinkable happens then you are covered by your policy in this case your taxes which has been paid in full to the government. I still stand by my post that states as I am a pensioner I am entitled to enjoy the...
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    No only the 1st jab, will get another text for the 2nd jab in about 2 - 3 weeks time, all being coordinated by the HM Forces at my local leisure centre. My GP informed me that they cannot do the jabs as their computer system cannot operate correctly under their current OS. BTW after a...
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    Yes I have.