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    In the end, we are all F^%$#@ed.

    In the end, we are all F^%$#@ed.
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    Pistorius slays his dame!

    After all these years, still guilty as hell.
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    what has happened to vital?

    Yea, agreed. I haven't been a regular as before. The new interface looks strange and nothing like the forum we all came to love. But most importantly, were are the old regulars?
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    Old Age!

    You are not old (not ageing, either), Merlin. Your body is just adjusting to all the wisdom you have accumulated over the years ??
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    Drinkwater or Bakayoko?

    Drinkwater, ahead of both Bakayoko and Fabregas.
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    Pistorius slays his dame!

    A year and 2 months gone and he still looks guilty!
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    Manchester Calling!

    I'm so jealous it's killing me. Damn!
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    Paintings of Footballers

    Which museum is that? Or, I am am guessing it was an exhibition and I have close to zero chance of running into this artist again :(
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    Paintings of Footballers

    Oh wow! That's a stunning painting Radio! I might just check out that that museum since I am only 30 minutes away from it. ...or so.
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    Traditional religion and Modern society

    This has gone to the next level. Tambling has inspired Squig to write a song. Amazing! I love it.
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    Traditional religion and Modern society

    In fact, I agree more. I learnt the hard way to leave some matters be, especially of religion. But in this there is a problem, people have different persuasions and experiences and hearing someone else's view may shape another person's world view for the better. I can confidently say I have...
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    Traditional religion and Modern society

    Mutters, you find yourself right in the midst of opposing views. I can't imagine that it is possible to not discuss this subject every now and then with such close family members. Oh well. Good luck :)
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    Traditional religion and Modern society

    Well said Squig. In essence, you do not assert, yet you are not indifferent, or are you? :)
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    Traditional religion and Modern society

    I do have a question: who is an atheist really? Someone who believes there is no God OR someone who does not believe there is a God? I think there is a difference. The first category thinks there is proof of the lack of God (which is strange cos it is tough to prove a negative). The second...
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    What are you listening to ....right NOW?

    ...and so, I put together a playlist of old classics that has revolutionized my evening today,here goes: 1. Sam Cooke - A change is gonna come. 2. Sting - Big lie, small world 3. Shanice - Loving you is easy cos you are beautiful 4. Kenny Thomas - Thinking about your love 5. Sting - Englishman...