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Your All Time Favourite Villans

The Fear

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Ok, bored of the doom.

All time favourite player/s and all time favourite teams?

And why?!

And feel free to put some youtube clips up to entertain us all.

Sir Dennis

Gives me a chance to show one of my favourite all time Villa goals as well

Maybe a little controversial , but my favourite Villa team was the 1976/77 side. But for injuries we would have probably won the league as well as the league cup that year , but some of the football that team played was up there with the best you can see. I wish I could show people the 5-1 win over Liverpool who were pretty much unbeatable at the time. 5-1 at half time as well , it was breathtaking.

JP Healy

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Been thinking about that a lot as I think the 2 are quite similar in style. Is Jack better than Sir Brian ?
As I'm Mr Negative today,it suits me to recall the baddies, rather than the goodies. Nigel Callaghan,Steve Hodge,Savo?, Several of the 2015 rabble,Pejic,Tommy Craig,Ross M. Looking back,they were talented boys. Maybe right club, wrong time.
It has to be someone from THAT team. So many to choose from but my favourite was Tony Morley who I don't think got the credit for that season. His Goal of the Season is well worth a look



One Bloody Number
Steve Staunton
Paul McGrath
Martin Laursen
Gareth Barry
Ian Taylor
Alan Wright
Freddie Bouma
Kent Nielsen
Alan McInally
Gabby Agbonlahor
Stylian Petrov
Alan Hutton
John McGinn
Jack Grealish
Dion Dublin
Mark Bosnich
Ugo Ehiogu
Gareth Southgate
Mark Walters
Tony Daley
Juan Pablo Angel
Dean Saunders

My favourite team would be Big Ron's 1992/3 side - I was CONVINCED we were going to win the league, but that evaporated after the 0-0 draw with Cov over the Easter weekend, when Manure beat Sheff Weds with those goals from Bruce after playing for what seemed like 3 hours. Sat in the Trinity Lower listening on radios as our game had long since finished.

Sorry, this is supposed to be an upbeat thread :ROFLMAO:


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Tony Daley was my first Villa hero. Savo is the only player I've had on the back of my shirt and I will always love him for that missile at Wembley 96. Loved Angel and have always thought we let him go too soon. He gets a bit if stick for his somewhat patchy record but its no coincidence that anytime we actually had a half decent supply he scored plenty.

Ashley Young was untill recently the best player I've seen in claret and blue this millennium. Brilliant to watch and usually did the business vs blues. Speaking of that Gabby is someone I still love despite him letting me down numerous times and frustrating the life out of me. Benteke is the best Villa centre I've seen in my time.

For more recent players I have to start with Jack. The best Villa player I've seen. I'd pay to watch him have a kick about in the park. He is just so imperious on the ball. Also love Mcginn, Mings and Tammy from the last couple of years.

Thomas Holte

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As a young nipper, in the '60s my first Villa hero (and they were in those days) was Tony Hateley and I remember how I felt badly let down by the club when they sold him to Chelsea.

The others I will think about and find some fitting videos.

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Strangely enough, around that time wasn't following Villa much. In the 1970s had been living near Aberystwyth in a spot with very poor TV coverage (405 line, B/W), and in 1981 bought a house and was totally involved in getting it sorted in what spare time I had, which wasn't much. So it registered we'd won the European Cup but can't remember if I got to watch it. I can remember the Withe/Shaw partnership, just.

Whereas in the 1960s was mainly in London and went to matches when Villa were in town, and later on in the 1980s bought a decent TV.