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You Pick - Striker


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I have always liked the hard working, tireless sort...that ravages back lines ALL GAME non-stop. Making killer runs splitting defenses and are NOT ALWAYS offsides!!!!!

A young Aguero comes to mind...Vardy is another...Sterling is also in this mold...many others I can't name because I suck with names.

Clinical, precise, intelligent, never ending motor.

BL - This kind of striker demands attention from the opposing Defense all game...they have to focus on him at all times and he is all over the damn place. This helps to free up others to as well.

We have not had this in a bit...I think Berg can grow into this sort...maybe...he really needs to work on his shooting and finishing...and clean up his technical play..but he does have a motor.


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The one tradition we should maintain. These days, with the evolution of football to what it is now I think we already have two.

Bale and Son.
I know...I was just giving you shit. I remember the days when we were actually abiding my our motto..."To Dare is to Do"...we have drifted WAY AWAY from that the past couple seasons...and especially under JM...we are quite boring in our current form.
Just don't try to find a clone of Kane. Focus on the scoring goals bit and find the assists from elsewhere.

I'm also with USAF. Fast, tall, young, hard working, pressing and most of all.....flair and finishing.

No clue where to find that player. I don't play Champ Manager and don't have a database. I'll leave it to Paratici.

Also worth remembering we need to replace Kane, Bale and Vini in the squad. If Lamela leaves, there's another one. We also need to think about Son's role, who in some systems could be Kane's replacement.
I expect Son to be 1st choice striker when Kane leaves. I think we will keep him regardless if he signs a new deal or not.

But I would sign Malen from PSV. A slick, mobile striker that can score and create. Only 22 and would be in our budget if Kane leaves.


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Dream striker is always Mbappe or Haaland. Both pacey and good Infront of goal.
Reality It's tough because there are strikers who I have watched in the league's they play in and are superb . Will they score with us I don't know. Here are 3 I like ,Lautaro Martinez is young and has a great record . 2 Andre Silva he has come of a fantastic season and scores all different kinds of goals . 3 Gabriel barbosa he had a spell when he was very young in Europe and it didn't pay off but since then his scoring record is second to none so much so he has been recalled to the Brazil squad.
There are a few others but there you go


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If Son's staying then he'll be elevated to the #1 role. Whoever we bring in will be a back up or partner for him.

As far as i am aware Bale has said he's going to retire. Whether that's after the Euros or after next season i have no idea.
I’d go all in for Luka Jović from Real Madrid. He doesn’t get much of a look in there but unbelievable at PSV before he joined. Quick and knows where the net is. Also wouldn’t cost tonnes and would be attainable I think.
We also need to remember that we have Parrott and Scarlet available. Both need some minutes as although I don’t think Parrott will make it, Scarlot looks a real talent