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You have 1 choice


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Of new manager. Anyone and I mean anyone. You're giving him a 4 year deal to win something. Who do you pick?
Hard question.

It needs someone who understands the club and can build a project slowly which makes all my instincts point to Rafa.

On saying this I understand the views of those that say the football may not be the best on the eye and if, for example, Rafa was out of the equation then id go for Klopp.

Paul Kannell

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Benitez for me, he’ll get us a trophy, some much needed silverware. After he’s built the club from the bottom and established us with the big boys, then we can move to a better brand of football with Pochettino if he proves himself elsewhere. I like Pochettino, but currently he’s achieved sweet FA in a decade of management, we’ve had enough of them. As a club, we desperately need silverware.


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Someone up and coming and not previously sacked for perceived failure. What about Julian Nagelsmann? While he’s on - he can bring Timo Werner with him n all.
Thinking about it some more and even having Keegan upstairs in some sort of role then I just can't see past Rafa coming back in. It just ticks so many boxes and he was quite vocal in Staveley being interested from the start.

He deserves the chance to be backed with serious money on players that are his 1st or 2nd choice rather than the dreggs he was allowed to get. Moreso considering he stuck with us after relegation and committed his future to us in the May when in the January of the same year he was manager of Real Madrid.


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Benitez donea good job when he was here but Theres no way I could watch another 4 years of Benitez football. Klopp is probably the best manager in the world at the minute who plays the best football but getting him to move would be very difficult. He'd be my first choice. Then any of Conte, Simeone or Ancelotti. I know I said 1 choice but I honestly can't see klopp leaving Liverpool so Conte would be my next choice.


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Would have Benitez back, to do the foundations, and take the team to a top 6 level, with money to spend on flair players. He would not have a "scout", highlighting players, they would be his picks, and importantly, would not have to buy in Netto any more.

It would be then time for a Grade 1 manager to come in, and build on the foundations left by Benitez, who moves to a director of football role.

Then, we may just get some success, we have tried shortcutting it too many times, with the same predictable results.

This lot aint any mugs, and will be in for the long haul, it will take 2 squad rotations to fill every slot with a top player.