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The Fear

A Wise Man (once sat next to him)
He's still in foreign land.

here is a blog

Bastard doesn't mention me once. How quickly they forget.


The Fear

A Wise Man (once sat next to him)
Wow, must be loving it then. Good for him, I always liked how if he got bored doing something, he took positive action. So many moan and moan about their jobs but just stay in them.

He is however young and has hair, therefore by default, I can't stand him ... obviously.


Vital Champions League
I've been to Xi'an, very nice it is too.

Thanks for the link J that isn't Jonah or Young Jonah but a different unreleated J type person.


Vital Football Legend
Jonah - 22/4/2013 18:05

He's now talking about staying there for another year! :10:
He's either

become very attached to birds nest soup

is actually working as a spy for north or south korea

or he's got himself a ting tong.

regardless what it is, if he keeps this up he's gonna end up turning yellow, with slanty little eyes, giving the reverse 'v' sign whenever his photo is taken and getting stopped in airports for having ridiculous amounts of horrible, unedible, undeclared food.

*not that I'm generalising or being racists like - it's just a fucking joke before any lefty liberal twats go bonkers.