Yet another scrote.


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There are a few in football right now.

Why would you have such a **** at your club, when he's just finished a sentence for banking fraud???
Im a great believer in people that make mistakes being allowed to learn from them and then being given a fresh start further down the line without any stigma.

However.............. there are those, like Ranger, who continually think they are above a certain parameter, so it's debatable and too early to start giving him chances although in the eyes of the law he's now a free man.

I say this in reference to one of the papers running his tweets after he was omitted from next weeks release of FIFA 18. His tweets basically having a go at the makers for leaving him out.

I dont think he'll ever learn.


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It's a bloody shame really, that a young lad like him found himself in a position where he could have been comfortable for life after a few short years but didn't seem able to leave his upbringing/background behind.
He'll end up getting shot or locked up for years, can't see a happy ending to his sorry life.