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Yacouba Sylla someone from Vital Villa


One Bloody Number
Easy. Take a Vital Villan, and fit them into the Yacouba Sylla song.

Like this -

Fear, Fear, Fear
Would love to drive a Kia, a Kia, a Kia
Woaaaaahhhhh, Woaaahhhhh


Skeggy, Skeggy, Skeggy
His cocks dirty and smeggy, smeggy, smeggy
Woaaaaahhhhh, Woaaahhhhh

Boredom is a wonderful thing.


Vital 1st Team Regular
Deano, Deano , Deano
He likes to drink Mojito, Mojito, Mojito
Woaaaaahhhhh, Woaaahhhhh

Davem, Davem, Davem
A night out with him is mayhem, its mayhem, its mayhem
Woaaaaahhhhh, Woaaahhhhh

Meyouldy, Meyouldy, Meyoudy,
Has had worse than anybody, anybody, anybody
Woaaaaahhhhh, Woaaahhhhh



Trekker - 22/8/2013 09:16

Oh and no, I haven't been to Mecca as non Muslims aren't allowed. I have been to Riyadh.
Didn't realise Muslims were so passionate about bingo. I'll get my coat......