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Y.C.C.C. Summer cricket thread


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1st day of the season and Yorks play Glamorgan at Headingley.Glamorgan put in to bat 8-1
Joe Root playing for Yorks.
Live stream available.
Come on Yorkshire , let's have a good season


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i once played with a wicket keeper who played in goal for us ,he was fucking useless in our net but one of the best wicket keepers around, go figure :ROFLMAO::ROFLMAO::ROFLMAO:
I did both as a youngster Twirls, following on from my grandad who played in goal for Notts County and local league cricket.I packed in both when I started work in hotels as there was no weekends off:mad:
I was (probably) slightly better at football

Rod Currie

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206 to win at Tea TT,will the White Rose have enough overs left to do it? Our Joe out for unlucky 13,erm 29 runs in 2 innings aint gr8 is it,are you going to be blaming Buttler?:giggle: UTB