Would you swap?


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A few years ago two teams met in the FA Cup final. Portsmouth were the Premier League side packed full of stars & very much the favourites to beat the Championship side, Cardiff. And they did.

Fast forward to a cold December in 2013 & the scene has changed. Portsmouth's stars have long since left town. The club now plays Accrington Stanley & are looking worriedly at the table due to fears of yet another relegation to the Conference. The club still plays in the "characterful" Fratton Park & rents its training ground. It is not allowed to pay a fee for any players & makes do on freebies & loans.

Meanwhile Cardiff, in their shiny new stadium, sit outside the relegation places in the Premier League. They have recently spent £11m on one player as part of a £50m strengthening.

So, it's a no-brainer. Cardiff are in the better position. No doubt.

Or is there?

The price of the investment from their benefactor Vincent Tan is complete obedience. Tan wanted to break with a century of tradition & change the club colours from Blue to Red. What Tan wants, he gets.

Tan decides that a much respected manager, MacKay, is spending too much money so sacks the head scout & replaces him with a friend of his son.

Tan decides that MacKay has said too much so now faces the sack despite cup success, promotion & a decent chance of first year Premier League survival.

Pompey on the other hand are owned by the fans & slow but sure steps are being taken to rebuild trust & integrity. There is no chance of a red home kit any time soon.

So, the question is, who really is better off? Would you swap Pompey's lot for Cardiff's?
Definitely not, the owner sounds like a complete maniac. Like a Korean dictator, my way or I will assassinate you!

Changes so much at the club anyway, now looking to get rid of a manager that has done a good job... I don't even think that Malky MacKay actually said anything out of turn?

As far as I can make out he was asked a question about player recruitment and just said what he wanted...

I want us to rise again, of course I do, and if we could get back to the premier league in the future the right way so be it but not in a hurry for that promised land for sure. Would not swap our situation for theirs.


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Swap Pompey blue for red???? no brainer :22:

That's the problem with these Charlie-come-latelies - no sense of tradition. Look at Hull - tigers. ugh!

The fans don't have a say.


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with the quality of football currently on offer at FP !!!!!!

Yep lets have a new name & owners how about the Pompey Pirates play in in black & white tops wear red pokerdot shorts & kick F**k out the opposing team to get the ball . Sounds much more fun to watch & we might win a game as well . Man of match could be for the best wooden leg .

Jack sparrow as manager .
Captain Hook & Long john silver As joint owners .( always plenty of gold in thier chests)

when the FA do fit & proper persons test just cut their throats if they say their not.

Play up Pirates !!!!!!!!!!!!!! Pirates Play UP !!!!!!!!!!!!



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Rob.. while reading the above I thought at first I was reading the ramblings of the insane. On reflection though I realised I was taking in the unworldly thinking of a genius... amazing idea... :30:


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Hopefully Pompey have seen the worst of their problems, Cardiff may well have their worst problems still to come. I'm sticking with Pompey.


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I think Sea Juicer is onto something!! Yo ho ho me hearties!!

I wouldn't swap either. Plastic football is so depressing. Even more depressing than our defending.