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Would you sleep


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With a Croc? Come on guys what did you think I was going to say?


This bloke has formed a lifelong friendship with a crocodile.

From his detached bungalow in suburban Kent, Chris Weller has been referred to as the British Steve Irwin after spending more than 20 years living with man-eating beasts.

He has spent more than £25,000 making his home crocodile-friendly for seven-year-old Caesar.

Former prison officer Chris, 66, enjoys his retirement with his favourite five-and-a-half foot companion and they watch TV together and listen to Classic FM.

Chris bought Caesar six years ago when he was less than a foot long and converted the downstairs of his home into a habitat for the crocodile to roam in - including building a pool into his conservatory.

Chris, of Rochester, said: "He's my closest companion and most of my day revolves around feeding, cleaning and entertaining him.

"Most people are terrified when they find out I live with a crocodile, but I've raised him since he was a baby and now he's completely docile.

"As he's got older he's become happier to be around me and he likes nothing more than watching TV and listening to the radio.

"Neighbours, and particularly children, like him and when I go to the butchers to get meat and fish for him most people know me as the man with the croc.

"He's a loyal mate."




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5.5 feet is quite small for a croc. Wouldn't like to be bitten by it but it would be unlikely able to kill a grown adult.

4.5 to 5m+ crocs are very common in the Top End of of Australia. It was only last month a bloke was taken by one at the Mary River. He was allegedly swimming across the river and back (he was taken on the way back) as a dare.



I sleep with a dangeorus croc every night and believe me a five foot five croc is very dangerous Frankus, snappy little bloody things i tell ya :14:


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Villan Of The North - 2/10/2013 07:54

Agreed GT, Clive, sleep on the sofa, far safer and you won't be tortured in the same way. :33:
Yes and your good woman can do her star position everynight then :14:


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He has been on TV, he has loads of reptiles in his house, not just a croc. He is as mad as a box of frogs.


The Fear

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I'm all for characters and nice to be different in life, but call it a hunch ( :3: ) something isn't quite right in all that!

It'll surely end in tears!?


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watched some nature show on the bbc about a week ago, apparently in the US snakes eat fully adult crocodiles, a bit off topic but I wouldn't want to live with a snake or a crocodile


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pisses me off when people dont treat animals as animals.... this croc would be better off in the wild. Same goes for these idiots having pigs in their living rooms. Surley the would be better off in the wild.