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World Cup or Promotion?

Would you rather England won the World Cup or Lincoln won promotion next season?

  • England win the world cup

    Votes: 15 22.7%
  • Lincoln get promoted

    Votes: 51 77.3%

  • Total voters


Vital 1st Team Regular
With the World Cup fastly approaching I thought I’d ask the same question I asked before the last World Cup (the less said about that the better):

Would you rather England won the World Cup or Lincoln won promotion next season?

Last time the vote was an overwhelming preference for Lincoln success, but, that was during our darkest hour. Stuck in the conference going no where quickly. After the previous 2 seasons have people’s thoughts changed? Are you hungry for more Lincoln success? Or are you satisfied and would love an unexpected England world domination? Do you even care about England?


World cup winning would grip the country and have a massive feelgood factor for the country and football at all levels.
So no promotion it will mean we will win the Carling(league)Cup then!😀


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And I thought I was the only one. Sick to death of hearing about 1966, so if they did win it at least the media would have something else to talk about.
Promotion is far more important for me tho.
In 30 years time we’ll still be telling everyone that we were the first non-league team in over 100 years to reach the fa cup quarter finals. Not sure anyone else really care :pointy:


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Knighthood and OBE being awarded to a bunch of highly paid and pampered ar$es ? Endless reruns of it on tv? Christ, we've only just stopped seeing Torvill and Dean on tv! Only silver lining would be putting 1966 to bed. Think leaving the country would be an option if we won it.
Imps promotion without question.
Pointless question anyway. A world cup win for England won't happen in my lifetime, which I hope is a good way from being over!