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Work hard and win the game

The Poacher

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Since nobody has started a new thread with the game against Bristol City I will give it a go. The thread says it all really, perhaps today we can turn our season around and start winning a few games.
A few on the forum suggest SL is a dead man walking, though my personal opinion is that he needs a few more weeks to get all the players gelling together, but if we lose again today I fear the worst. Here's hoping. Ps Will EM more importantly give him the opportunity to turn this miserable start to the season around, I think I can hear the sound of knives being sharpened.
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Think everyone is terrified of commenting, who can blame us. No pts, no goals, no hope.

We have to turn a corner at some point, even if that ends up being lamouche falling off a cliff.

We must get both at least a point and a goal today, 3 would be ideal. New individuals look decent but we haven't seen a team performance yet.



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This is a bloody good squad in my opinion and for a team that had never played together i think they looked as though they just needed time. Today will be another step in the right direction.
my worry is the same as everybody’s i think and that is that in the attacking third we look bereft of ideas and creativity.
we need this win and a good performance.

mr ron

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I'd like to see him set up to go for it but that's unlikely he just wants to set up to be hard to beat, which we aren't so switch mentality and go at teams. Lose this I can't see him being here when we resume.

hep cat

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So frustrating. SL has responded positively before - in games last season, I think, the first derby game and West Brom come to mind, we pressed high, attacked and looked good. We were at the top end of the league. That’ll be pretty heavy going today with the weather, and shedding most of the players who made that difference but I just want to see some positive change and forward running and to look like we’ve done homework on the opposition and look like we’ve actually turned up for a first half with a plan instead of the usual turgid one dimensional zone defense.

mao tse tung

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Just seen a picture of Silva in Greece in a tee shirt. 3rd of October cold and pissing it down here, wonder if he is missing us already? Fucking doubt it.
I'm currently in Nitra in Slovakia and its tee shirt weather here; all the young ladies are sporting summer attire, and very nice they all look too.

Some things never change though; I asked for directions from the hotel receptionist and was told "take the second left after Tesco and then turn right after Aldi"


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Anyone else only being offered video streaming for this game? I'm not paying £10 to watch when I already subscribe for audio, but there's no audio stream on Match Centre?


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Da costa

No Mckenna in the squad...

mr ron

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Must be injured, lolley clearly isn't fit and should be back when he's right. Probably the best we could put out I'd maybe have preferred Dawson over Blacket.

Rooney has pissing scored a free kick just as he was coming off, lucky fookers we need a win now.


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Derby result doesn't help us but we need to get our own shit together. I can't remember a season where all I had to cling on to was their failure.

Blackett can't be as bad at CH as he was at LB. Taylor should start over Grabban imo. Otherwise it looks a decent side.


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Silva confirmed as gone. No Figs or Ribs in the squad and the international window closes Monday.
Where did you guys see Bennys transfer?

not convinced on this Cafu chap. We need another winger and a Silva replacement
Can we shift Figs, Hefe, Ribs and Da Costa maybe in the international window ? With Cafu signing I can only see a winger coming in now
Interested in how Ioannu does today