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Work For Your Dole

The Fear

A Wise Man (once sat next to him)
Will this really happen? Will they be able to control/police it?

It should happen, however I don't believe the work should be demeaning.


Vital Reserves Team
Typical Tory tosh.

It is just the same old Tory hate bollocks restyled for another generation of haters.

Remember Peter Lilley's hate speech about how the Tories had a "little list" and were going to "close down the ""something for nothing society"", in 1992?

It never happened then and it will not happen now.

It won't happen because any scheme would need to be administered and that takes money they don't have, and if they did have funds they would be better off spending it on trying to get people into jobs, not getting old ladies' gardens dug for nothing.

If the the present Job Centre Plus is not fit for purpose, how the hell are they going double its work-load?

I suppose they could hand £80m to one of their donors, who could then fiddle the books for them, but sooner of later they would get found out.

So it is not going to happen.

Back in 1992 John Major was too busy shagging Edwina while preaching about family values to get it done, so how is Cameron going to succeed?

It is all nonsense, as usual.

But all those trapped by debt and crass consumerism in jobs they can't stand, might feel slightly better for a little while, which is the only purpose it serves.


The Fear

A Wise Man (once sat next to him)
Labour talked about getting tough on the dole as well to be fair, but they tended to target ill/disabled. Which for balance, the Tories have as well.


Vital Football Legend
It may seem a good idea on paper but is this going to stop proper jobs as firms will just take on through this scheme for free. It depends what they use the people for.

Full time as well? Erm how are the people going to look for a fully paid full time job if they are working full time for free. I suppose they can use the internet at night etc to apply but will they be allowed time off to attend.

Might seem a good idea on paper but there is alot of pitfalls with this, that would need to be ironed out which won't happen.

A similar scheme has been in place. The supermarkets and large companies got in on the act and it caused uproar as they were using cheap labour. It was reported earlier in the year.

As 1 guy reported they have these job clubs and the like: He was told they couldn't help him because he was too qualified in a particular area, so he was over qualified to apply for the average job as they wouldn't take him on.

Just don't think it will work long term. They use these schemes to make it look like everyone on benefits are scroungers, which they aren't. It is less than 0.5% were the less figures I read.

Alot of people who are on benefits for whatever reason do do voluntary work. It is advised so they can keep their CV's fresh and positive for those unemployed.

A big % who also do some sort of voluntary work who are on the sick, also. They do it because they can fit it to them. Doesn't mean they can work in paid employment, to a standard of an employers expectations and timescales.

We are never going to have full employment again. Why? Because of the way the world has changed. My late Mom was told in 1981, 32 years ago by a manager where she worked that he had just seen a machine that would put a typing pool out of work bar 1 of those 12. That was the computer/internet. That has come to pass

Not just in offices, but everywhere. In manufacturing where what took 10 people to make a car now takes 1 and a machine. Those examples are everywhere. Full employment is not possible.

If they did get it all those who work for the benefit departments would be out of work so.... we wouldn't have it LOL..


Vital Squad Member
I think we should get the ****heads who dragged our economy and financial industry into the abyss, put them all in orange boiler suits and make them tar the roads and pick up all the rubbish until they have paid back the £90m they were given from the public purse. I would then take all their bonuses of them and re-float all the public services, library and local charities that have had to close because of austerity.

The biggest white collar crime in our history. I can see them now, the bankers with their Bullington buddies, pointing at the 'dole scrounger' over the way. There's the culprit they cry as they take another glass of Bolinger 65' off the table. Their Reichstag fire - our economic collapse. Their target- the welfare state.
As long as they are doing real jobs, by that I mean work that needs to be done, not just work for the sake of work and that it doesn't become a way for cheapskate companies to get free labour then I'm all for this.


Be quite good if we had a dole officer that could go to many of the estates and plonk a skip in the middle and said to all the benefit scroungers; "That bust up sofa needs to go in the skip" "along with that old TV" "all the empty cans, chip wrappers, empty crisp packets etc all in the skip" And you get no benefits until the estate looks tidy. -WOW what an immediate impact it would have, not only cleaning up the estates, but you can imagine all these fathers that just sit and play GTA 5 all day coming down hard on their teenage kids to ensure they dont use graffiti and that they use the bins for rubbish.

Seems a fair idea to me - look after your community and we look after you...Abuse it and you get naff all!
kefkat - 30/9/2013 11:48

Full time as well? Erm how are the people going to look for a fully paid full time job if they are working full time for free. I suppose they can use the internet at night etc to apply but will they be allowed time off to attend.
For the majority this is the norm, people apply for and get jobs all the time whilst they are working up to 48 hours a week (most only about 37) so 30 hours a week should be no problem and I would be shocked if they weren't given time off for interviews.


A weekly inspection to see if you should get your benefits...Is the community clean and tidy? Is your house tidy? Are your kids turning up for school? - Fail on any of the above and benefits get hit!

Time to get hard on these good for nothings!


Vital Football Legend
Yes VOTN I realized that as I was writing it. It was 1 of those conversations that go on in your (well mine) head that only becomes clear once you have written it.

I decided to leave it their as there were points to come out of it.

The only work people should do voluntary are for charity types and maybe small businesses. The big business should not get in on this as it would be abused


Bringer Of The Seasons
Multi millionaires targeting the poorest in society is always such fun. Perhaps we can set up a rule stating MP's work 40 hours a week?

The Fear

A Wise Man (once sat next to him)
So it is better to let the long term unemployed stay at home and do nothing and make no contribution to society?

That thread we had before was interesting, the Nick and Margaret (from the Apprentice) one following their program about those working for less than those on the dole.

People on the dole need every help possible to get them back into jobs, that has to include making sure THERE ARE JOBS for them to do. But to have 'handouts' and not to contribute back is not right either.

They aren't talking about those short term ones in between jobs and seriously looking, it appears to me they are looking at those on the dole for three years or more. I have known a few over the years who never look for work, never intend to, they have their fags, drink, dope, xbox and sky + what do they need to work for?

But yes, inequality has to be tackled from both ends of society as well and the bankers and tax avoiders etc fit into that

But surely people agree society has broken down? That the estates are now no go areas for a lot of good honest decent folk? That is because where before men would go out to work and be occupied, now they are aimless and then mischief happens.

The Fear

A Wise Man (once sat next to him)
oh it should be those fit and able to work Skeggy, no doubt at all. I think that once you instill a bit of discipline and pride into people, you make their lives far more worthwhile.

This is the Nick and Margaret thread, about the fatty fat fatties who didn't want to work and a few who didn't and then DID!
It's a great idea, and can give those long term unemployed a real sense of achievement and build their self esteem up. I say this as someone who volunteers every week to help with kids and it is very rewarding. The problems are the amount of hours expected, thirty is too much, and how it is administered so that this is a positive for the claimant and not just cheap labour.


Vital Football Hero
I don't think we have a certain generation who will do this. Many (not all admittedly), want something for nothing and don't want to dop certain work. I really admire the work ethic of the eastern Europeans. Our last two cleaners, on the minimum wage have been students.


Vital Reserves Team
There is no doubting it, it is only about punishment.

In the old days they used to publicly whip "sturdy beggars" outside the workhouse to warn the proletariat of the consequences of laziness and this is motivated by the same thinking.

For people who are long-term unemployed there is no way picking litter for slave-wages is going to introduce them to the joys and satisfactions of work, or in any way create any sort of work-ethic.

No business is going to want to employ these people because they just lack the basic skills of turning up every day on time and a willingness do the job with enthusiasm.

So if there is no prospect of a positive outcome, then it is just another stupid political gimmick, which distracts the electorate from the structural problems of the economy: a shortage of low-skilled jobs in the right areas, which add enough value to provide a living wage.


The Fear

A Wise Man (once sat next to him)
On the plus side, it will feed the Daily Mail with plenty to print!

No, cleaning and litter picking won't help. Or only IF some sort of community work can be done to help improve where people live, but no... I've always said they need to contribute back but not in a demeaning way.

Maybe You Can Call Me Dave could get them boiler suits and ankle chains? That would help keep them in line and control them.


BUT they do owe society something back, they seem to think society owes them, it doesn't.


Vital Football Legend
The reality is that the low end jobs have been given to Eastern Europe and China. Those jobs aren't coming back any time soon so you can do whatever you want to the unemployed, there aren't jobs there for them to do.