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Women's football


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Right then.

I have no problem with women playing football of course, fair play to them. But I wont watch it because it's shit. You could go to your local park on a sunday morning and see 22 blokes, many overweight, most hungover and they would still be better than teams in the womens world cup.

The issue I really have with it is the crossover. Womens football is for women, so why the constant need to involve women in the men's game? that commentator for a start off is just appaling, now we have a lineswoman, why? You can commentate on the womens game, you can run the line in the womens game.

Football is traditionally a mans sanctuary - okay so you get women at the games, annoying as fuck as some of them can be (one by me will often shout ''KICK IT'' I kid you not!), but overall it's tolerable.
But this constant discussion about lineswomen, referee, managers etc... and even players gets on my bloody nerves.

Could I enter the childrens paralympics girls under 12's amputee 100 metres hurdles - course I fucking couldn't!

Which is a shame as I could be in with a shout for a medal!


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The way women's football is organised just seems to confirm the impression that feminism is about getting what men have and getting men to pay for it.

The first thing you notice about women's football is that the goals, the dimensions of which were determined by what made a reasonable target for men to attack and defend, are just too big and too many goals come from silly lobs over the five-foot-something goalkeeper.

So it would have been wiser for the women's game to at least to have modified the game to suit women rather than just copy what the men do and pretend that the women are just as good.

When it comes to the game itself, the quality is terrible and even at the very highest level, it lacks enough appeal to make it financially viable.

Even in America who have dominated the women's international game for decades, every attempt at a professional league has gone bankrupt.

And that is where the feminist thing emerges because even though it has no appeal and can't finance a proper professional league, the women demand subsidy and get it, so they can enjoy all the comforts of the men's professional game (free travel and accommodation for away games etc) for players who are very often terrible and which would be denied men of equal ability.

When it comes to the international game, there are a few good teams and a handful of players who can actually play, but even then they will only draw crowds of around five thousand.

So it is a game of low standards and limited appeal which is just another example of women being handed money earned by men not because they have something special to offer but just because they demand what men have but aren't good enough to earn it.



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Interesting views. I have to say that like Jim I've no problem with women playing football, but any I've seen has been embarrassing.
I don't mind the linesman , but the woman commentators voice is annoying , a different voice and I wouldn't mind at all. It's about the voice. I can't stand Motty either.


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I actually think it's ok, although the keepers are awful (US keeper is rather cute though!). The last WC final was a great game. Why shouldn't women play footy? Makes no sense to say they shouldn't.


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Quite agree that woman should play if they want to.

But it's not very good.

I recall someone who used to post on here saying that certain American women were good enough to play in league football. Bizzare.