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Willock Fee Allegedly Agreed


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Yeah because Ashley realises this is an investment purchase and the kids value will only go up. Nowt to do with the football side. if he was (say) age 28/29 it would be another one we couldn't get over the line I reckon.


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Has he signed yet? Funny how the whole football world knows our every move with numerous ex-pros and pundits giving their opinions on the sale or purchase. It gets dragged out nearly as long as a takeover. ;)


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Amazing how the club are able to sell players without a moment’s pause, yet when it comes to incoming transfers everything takes an eternity.

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Well its never going to be done quickly with Charnley involved, if it happens at all. Paid a fortune for toeing the line. All our transfer business seems to take an age, probably because they do not like laying out any money and are always looking to pay the minimum. Thats why we miss out on so many targets. A billionaire owner who has not a clue on running a football team apart from squeezing as much money as he can out of it.


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Still not signed? The length of Willock's contract has been mooted as a stumbling block. Why should it be if Ashley is hoping for a quick sale of the club soon. Or as suspected it has been yet another false dawn about the sale of the club.


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Disagreement between Penfold and Willock's father. Impasse, f*ck up, call it what you want, looks like the tea boy has had his strings pulled by Ashley


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The articles I've read state that the delay isn't down to wages but other personal terms

But the fact that this still rumbles on with only days to the start of the season is no fucking surprise whatsoever

Business first - football somewhere down the bottom of the list
Replace business with spin and I'm in.


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He will be slightly disappointing this season, our training nethods making him gradually shitter year on year, until we sell him in three seasons' time, a shell of the player he once was. I'm calling this one now.