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Wilder v Fury 2

Looking forward to this one and if it's anything like the first fight then it'll be well worth staying up till 5 in the morning on Sunday.

Just a couple of concerns for Fury. One is how well his eye has healed as it's odds on that Wilder will target it plus the amount of American judges on the panel. The last fight 'draw' that never was in a million years but was, will surely prey on the mind a bit.


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Call me cynical but they already apparently have a 3rd fight lined up as part of the contract, whoever wins. Contracts mean both can avoid AJ for a little longer.

There aren't too many other mega money fights out there, maybe Whyte, maybe Hunter, maybe the odd East v West can generate some hype through Usyk, Pulev, Povetkin.

Not making the effort to get up since it could either be a non-event or some mock controversy but, I hope that tomorrow morning I am wrong and on the way to Greggs for my bacon roll, am listening to radio reports of an amazing fight.


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Being honest havent stayed up for a heavy weight fight since the Lennox Lewis era i hope Furey wins he seems like a decent blke
Well worth staying up although ive drank meself sober noo but Fury absolutely battered Wilder. Fury landed more punches than Wilder threw and ended it all with a rendition of American Pie. Great stuff

The Pyrry

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Great fight ... and how wrong was my opinion . Fury bullied him all fight . Hats off to the bloke, I am not his biggest fan but this morning he was fantastic .


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Didn't think it was a great fight for the neutrals. I remember thinking that I was glad I didn't pay for it. Fury looked really good though and wilder looked really bad.


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Glad I was wrong. It remains to be seen whether there will be a part 3. The money on offer will be good and no heavyweight boxer will lack the ego to think they are finished.