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Wigan go into administration

Luke Imp

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That's come out of nowhere, no whispers that they were in trouble (aside from the obviously Covid situation).

In great form as well, haven't conceded in 7.


Vital 1st Team Regular
Hmmm. Now call me a cynic but I bet anyone 10p that they’ll claim force majuere and that Covid has forced them into it, hence the points deduction shouldn’t be enforced.


Vital Reserves Team
If the EFL don't deduct the points I await the legal threats from all the other members of the 'football family' near the foot of the Championship.


Vital Football Hero
I also think that exceptional circumstances will be pleaded and the penalty points could be suspended. Of course if the EFL allow that for one it opens the door for all clubs to go into administration meaning many companies owed money by football clubs end up with ( largely) bugger all


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EFL have at least got in early with their announcement. To all intents and purposes Wigan are now bottom on 38 points. Not adrift though and in good form so just perhaps they've taken a calculated gamble on keeping winning??

Billy the Imp

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The EFL also have to make a decision on Sheffield Wednesday’s sale of Hillsborough in the next fortnight. If the sale breached profitability and sustainability rules they face a ‘heavy’ points deduction.


Vital Reserves Team
Very surprised there’s not some sort of forbearance given the current economic climate which must have been a significant contributing factor. That being said, they may have been going that way anyway.