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Wigan Athletic Vs Aston Villa Sat 12th Jan 3pm


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The meat and potatoes pie was dire last time I went , all pastry and potatoes and a minimal amount of grey looking "meat", god knows what animal(s) were involved.
You have been warned


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I am expecting 12 points from the next 4 games as a way of putting the cup exit right.
Coming into the new year I expected us to pick up 16 of the 18 points (Preston to Ipswich) but we’ve already dropped 4 points. Hope you’re right, because that would mean we hit 14 which would actually make it a good run (ignoring the cup game).

Big ask at the moment though it seems.
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Mcginn clearly has to start.

As to who plays in midfield with him I think the options are limited in terms of none of who we have can do the job required at the base of the midfield for differing reasons.

Whelan- to slow
Barney- passing not good enough.
Hourihane- complete fanny in the tackle.

We need what we refer to where I sit in the Holte lwr as 'the little ginger lad that will run the midfield ' that everyone we play seem to have . Popping up all over and picking up the ball setting things going FORWARD not sideways.


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Hutton Chester Hause Taylor


El Ghazi McGinn Barney Bolasie

This but Hourihane in for Barney.

Still don't get how anyone doesn't put Hourihane in the team, especially with Grealish out. You're leaving out a massive percentage of our goals and assists.
Hourihane is a problem to fit in, he scores and assists. However he is not a tackler and has no pace so cant play as a central midfield player in a 4 in midfield. He can play as a DM as long as we are playing a "lesser " side. the other option is as a number 10 where his lack of a tackle or pace is not really a problem as such. I would like to see Lansbury given a couple of games after his bright showing as a sub V Swansea. I would use Lansbury as DM against Better teams as at Least he looks forward when passing.

Bree Chester Hause ( if fit ) Taylor
Bollasie Lansbury McGinn Albert