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Why I DO give to charity!


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I can't be bothered to read back on through the forum with the opposite title, I am sceptical about certain money goings on's in our greedy world. But if everyone in this world refused to give money to charities then there would be a lot of struggling people to put it mildly. I have given different sums of money and signed up to various organisations in the past where and when I have had the means to.

I don't think people should be forced to give money out, after all it is their money.

Personally my heart glows warm when I feel like I have done a good turn and god knows I don't do enough.

The Fear

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to be fair my good man, I can't have two threads on exactly the same thing, whether the title is different or not.

That is exactly what people are discussing in that thread and your input would be more than valued sir.