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Who Would You Start On Saturday?


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I would go for a mix - regulars, youngsters and those fighting for a place BUT I want to prgress in this cup so I would have players on the bench capable of turning it around should that be necessary! Well I am an optimist!

New York NEZ

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Ha-ha I reckon we're all optimists sixpence when it comes to cup games. We all want that "big" draw that gets all the headlines .... a Liverpool, Man Utd or Man City, not just to match ourselves against them but also to make a bit of money too.
Anyway, I would field a strong side against Maidenhead, possibly giving a start to a couple of players who aren't regulars just to see how they get on but not risk our progression in the cup. We've seen a few upsets in the past involving the Millers but quite honestly I can't see us having much trouble with this one (famous last words) eh?


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No Robertson or Clarke. Vas still out. Shaun MacDonald is a strange one as he's classed as 'ill' but whatever the illness is seems to have taken its toll on him.

Crooks, Wood, Ihiekwe are doubts.

Thompson might have to start even though he's not as mach fit as the club would like.


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Hope the pitch is well playable and doesn't cause anymore injuries!

Have we enough for a full bench?

Heard PW saying McDonald had been ill and lost weight he could ill afford to lose.

New York NEZ

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O.M.G. I didn't realise it was so bad. The squad is down to the "bare bones" isn't it!!

Well after hearing of all the injuries/illness in the camp I'm just hoping that we come through this unscathed. All this doom and gloom in the camp will obviously give Maidenhead a boost. I thought that we could just breeze through this game but I'm having doubts now. Any sort of score in our favour will do for me now.