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Who Was YOUR Millers Man Of The Match v Solihull

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I've just watched the game again in it's entirety and I saw it completely differently to last night, strange!!!!
I've read loads of comments and they were mostly of the opinion (including mine), that our performance was rubbish, but having the chance to sit quietly and take it all in I have now just seen that we completely dominated the second half and Solihull hardly got a kick, even their third goal was from a mistake by us and a quick breakaway. And the first half wasn't as bad as I'd thought it was when watching "live" last night. Perhaps we could all do with watching the game again and seeing how we really played because believe me it wasn't all that bad, even in the first half, ha-ha. All the lads played well, with the exception of Barlaser who couldn't do anything right, and I think that we should all heap some praise on the team for that performance, especially the comeback at the end.
For anyone wanting to watch the game again, it will be shown again at 5-o-clock today. Take another look and you'll see just how well we played. U.T.M.


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I can only go by the online commentary and what I have read but that makes me think it was OGBENE who changed the game, so he gets my vote. However congrats(and thanks!) to Michael Smith!
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