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Who Was Your Man of The Match v Sunderland?

Who was your Man of The Match v Sunderland?

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Vital Football Hero
I've gone Tom Hopper

We were a very different team second half and the contribution of the two substitutes cannot be overstated, but to me I thought that he was brilliant. He was breathing out of his arse at the end but was still putting everything on the line to keep our aggregate lead. And that's even without the two goals over the tie which has put him into a hall of fame position


Vital 1st Team Regular
I’ve gone for Tom Hopper too, not just the winning goal but his overall contribution including many defensive headers. Big shout out to McGrandles and Walsh as their introduction changed the game


Vital Reserves Team
Hopper for me too. He works tirelessly for the team. He is such a strong guy as well and must win about 25% of our free kicks during a match. Also brilliant defensively . Every successful team needs a player like Hopper.


Vital 1st Team Regular
Hopper or Wyke? No contest, Hopper brings so much more to the game, then he gets the decisive goal(s)

McGrandles helped change the game 2nd half, despite the miss. Bridcutt worked to hold things together in the first half and get us back in it in the 2nd.


Vital Squad Member
I went for Eyoma just ahead of McGrandles. Some people may point to him being beaten to the mark for their goals but if you watch the whole game he was constantly heading, tackling ,blocking - and the important goal line block from Wyke.


Vital Football Hero
McGrandles for me. Walsh shored up the defence but in order to win the tie we needed to score. McG almost single handed, changed the dynamic in midfield. Without the platform and momentum shift he created, we don't get control of the game or score the goal.

In some ways you could argue MAPP was MOM for making the change at halftime, albeit having to rectify his own tactical misjudgements from the first half.

The ability of such a young team in conjunction with the manager, to remain calm and so successfully carry out a full reboot after the shell shock of that first half was an incredible achievement by all concerned.

When you factor in the magnitude of the game, the hostility, the experience and physicality of the opposition, plus having conceded the advantage; it was actually astounding.


Vital Football Legend
Between Rogers and McGrandles for me, I think the Rogers performance generally was a bit underrated as first half he was the only one at the races.

But have gone Connor because his introduction changed the game for us (definitely should have started!)


Vital Reserves Team
Easy vote for me - Hopper. Watching him shake his head while running on empty as he tracked back in the last 15 minutes was brilliant. Fantastic work. Honorable mentions to McGrandles for a dominant 45 and Rogers who shook off his performance from the first leg.


Vital Football Hero
Few had a great or even good first half; the substitutions made the difference to the team performance. Gave MoM to McGrandles from Hopper and Eyoma.


Vital Squad Member
McGrandles. The real game-changer; gave us the go-forward we had been sadly lacking in the first half and the steel in midfield. Almost rounded-off a tremendous second half with a goal. Extraordinary.

Hopper, Rogers and Eyoma played excellent supporting roles in the second half revival.