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Who Was Your Man of The Match v Shrewsbury Town?

Who was your Man of The Match v Shrewsbury Town?

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Vital Football Hero
Gone for Walsh. In a game of 'did you do your job' it's him or Palmer, but as our keeper was largely a spectator Joe gets the nod


Vital Squad Member
After giving him a 2.5 rating against Sunderland, I've gone for Edun. Still didn't look like a left back but much better today.


Vital 1st Team Regular
Also gone for Tayo. Despite proving conclusively tonight he's a left back for emergency use only, he's a box to box midfielder with potential which he also showed tonight, especially in the 2nd half when the "left back" bit was noticeable by its absence, one terrific tackle aside.

Shout outs for Walsh who was capable throughout and nearly bailed out Montsma, and Grant who toiled manfully throughout to make things happen, though frustratingly couldn't replicate the goal v Wigan.


Vital 1st Team Regular
Agreed nobody stood out and I wouldn’t rate anyone more than a 6, apart from Walsh, who I’ve marginally gone for. Tayo played well going forward - all the more reason why we need a regular, natural LB.

Norfolk Imp

Vital Squad Member
Tayo with a 7/10 ... only Scully above a par score of 6, the rest well below what they’re capable of (Palmer exempt, virtually nothing to do)


Vital Football Legend
Having slagged him off - Edun!

Had a decent game amongst a bunch of indifferent performances.

Was Grant wearing someone else's boots last night? His first touch was uncharacteristically terrible.


Vital Youth Team
Walsh for me, Howarth did fairly well, but not really strong enough for me, Gotts could have played, but we are really missing Mc Grandles.


Vital Football Legend
Edun, but he was playing noticeably further up the pitch because Shrewsbury offered practically no threat. He is a much better midfielder...

Scully tried very hard to get things going in the final half-hour, so well done to him.


Vital Squad Member
Edun for me too. We know he's not a LB but he plays where he's asked to. Although the whole team took 65 mintes to get going, most our play seemed to go thru Tayo for the 90, it's not is fault there was no end product from his many balls. Yes, he's had some stick from a few people on here but play him in his right position and he'll grow.

Rob the Imp

Vital Football Hero
Walsh for me. Edun also did well in a position clearly not to his strengths. Not sure how Scully got given it officially to be honest; I think the 'popular player' feeling is working very much in his favour at the moment.


Vital Squad Member
Walsh for me, best of a very average bunch on the night. Edun was also a contender but he wasn't playing left back and had nobody to mark especially in the second half when we were playing attack versus defence.


Vital Squad Member
Not much of a choice yesterday, but given his lack of game time and his injury, I thought Howarth had a decent game. Struck the post, tried to dribble his way through the defence. Buzzed about for the whole 90 minutes trying to create something, despite having little support from his team-mates. Looks like there's a player in there.

Can't say a great deal positive about the rest, especially in the first half.

Certainly, a semi-competent 90 minutes would have won us the game.