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Who Was Your Man of The Match v Rotherham United?

Who was your Man of The Match v Rotherham United?

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Vital 1st Team Regular
Bolger. Overall him and Shackell copied well with the Rotherham giants and their physical approach. Bolger won just about every challenge and is in the best form since he arrived.

bbh 11

Vital Squad Member
For me it would be between Bolger and Morrell, but I have gone for the latter, simply because I couldn’t believe Bolgers effort to get himself sent off after being rightly booked, he continued to yell and shout at the referee, and I think a different ref might of justifiably given him a second yellow.

I thought his defensive performance was good though. Bridcutt deserves a mention as all though he tired as the game went on he looked a good partner for Morrell.


Vital Squad Member
Bridcutt excellent first half, a few misplaced passes second half, although a couple of gravity defying headers.
Went for Booger though, solid throughout and looked more comfortable on the ball.

German Imp

Vital 1st Team Regular
Some good performances, so much better than Southend the previous week. Bolger had a decent game with a commanding defensive performance. The problematic midfield area looked so much better with the addition of Bridcutt. Add Morrell into the midfield mix and the MoM becomes more difficult as I thought Morrell was everywhere just like he is every week. However, on balance gone for Bridcutt with his added composure and ability to identify danger and snuff it out, he is just what our midfield needs, some experience alongside the youngsters in the team. Some cute play and on this initial showing looks a quality signing albeit a lone signing, you could see he’s played at a higher level.
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Vital Squad Member
Bridcutt. He has that extra bit of class needed in midfield. Definitely an upgrade on MOC.

Very competitive, great leverage to beat taller players to headers, has an eye for a pass and linked up well down the left flank, which led to Harry's gilt-edged chance.

Admittedly faded in second half, but took some of the donkey-work off Morrell, who was his usual gritty, determined self.

Looking forward to seeing him again.


Vital Football Hero
Gone for Bridcutt based mainly on the first half where he was everywhere and sliding some great through balls. He did fade a little second half probably through a lack of match fitness but overall really good for a debut


Vital Football Hero
first 45 it looked like it was easily going to be bridcutt, but over the 90 it was bolger for me.
going forward, expecting bridcutt to be getting a fair few mom's though.


Vital 1st Team Regular
Bridcutt for me. I was hoping & praying for a bit of experience at the end of the window and MA delivered. The team really needs a player with his abilities and experience and, to my mind, he made all the difference to the side’s confidence. He inspired the side to raise their game, particularly in the first half and, if he can reproduce this over the coming weeks, will inspire the team to perform as they need to secure their L1 status for next season.

Rob the Imp

Vital Football Hero
I chose Bridcutt - excellent debut, got stuck in, and damn what a leap he has for a small player! The ever-excellent Morrell was also right up there, and I thought Melbourne had a really good game too.


Vital Squad Member
Yeah, Bridcutt has class and apart from a few wayward passes in the second half his distribution was excellent, looks like a superb signing!


Vital Youth Team
Bolger for me. Carry on with this form and he has to be a strong candidate for player of the season. Most improved player too.


Vital Youth Team
I tend to agree with most that Bolger and Bridcutt both played well, particularly the first half from Bridcutt. The one player that looked very promising was Scully who looked very sharp and tenacious during his brief appearance. Exciting times ahead.
My vote for best player goes to Bridcutt.
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