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Who Was Your Man of The Match v Peterborough United?

Who was your Man of The Match v Peterborough United?

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Max Arnold

Vital Youth Team
Bridcutt for me, it was almost like he was psychic when on the pitch, he always seemed to know where the ball was going to be played and made a block.

Imprest 1

Vital 1st Team Regular
Scully little energizer bunny. Took his first goal well and his second with the dummy in the build up was outstanding.


Vital 1st Team Regular
TJ for me, he was nearly immaculate at CB, his best performance in that role against one of the most potent attacks in the league.

Montsma alongside was assured.

Scully was excellent, his 2 goals included one bona fide classic.

Bridcutt's covering in front of the back 4 was superb and we need him fit and on the pitch for the play offs.
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Vital Football Hero
Plenty of good performances especially first half. Gone for Scully for an overall hard working performance coupled with 2 excellent goals, the second of which was an absolute blouter.
Plus he was the victim of a criminal decision


Vital Squad Member
Scully did everything, in one game, he has threatened to do all season. Harried and chased everything down, at both ends of the pitch, was our outlet from defence, more often than not, and was the fox in the box. Despite lacking express pace, he is an essential member of the squad and filled the Johnson role superbly,so much so that we didn't miss him.

Eyoma proved why he's more of a centre half.,90 minutes of Bridcutt would have sealed the deal and feel for Hopper, who has been a brick throughout the season.

Still two, or hopefully, three games to make history, Tom 😉


Vital 1st Team Regular
I could have gone for Bridcutt or Scully and others like Montsma, Rogers, Hopper did well and Bramall, Anderson, Grant and Palmer were fine, but I have gone for TJ for some fine tackling and interceptions, along with a solidity and presence that stood out for me.


Vital Football Hero
Today's MOM should be celebrating the winning goal and potential contender for goal of the season; to top off what was a stunningly mature all round game performance from such a young player.

That he isn't and it's not his performance that is being talked about due to the world class ineptitude witnessed in the last 60 seconds, is a stain on what was a fantastic game of football.

He and we may have found his position for next season.


Vital Football Hero
Scully for me, from TJ. He worked his socks off and his two goals put us in the position where we should have won the game. His second was top drawer.


Vital Squad Member
Rogers edging Scully ... but a superb team performance with only Hopper below a 7/10
Probably his best game in a City shirt, maturing by the day and he has a great future, but, he also missed a very good chance that could have put the game to bed,so not for me 😁


Vital 1st Team Regular
Gone for Scully. Great late run into the box to connect with Harry’s cross and terrific dummy and then finish for the third. No wrong choices though as most of the team played well

German Imp

Vital 1st Team Regular
Even before his two goals I felt Scully was up for it. So with two goals he is my MoM, what a fantastic 2nd goal. Shout out for TJ who gets better and better, won’t happen, but hope he stays. Also Brids, potentially blocked a certain goal (maybe), nice to have his calming influence on and off the ball back.