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Who Was Your Man of The Match v Northampton Town?

Who was your Man of The Match v Northampton Town?

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Vital Squad Member
Gone for Edun. Obviously set the first up but great energy elsewhere and those mistakes so evident in the first 5 vs Posh totally eliminated.

Think along with TJ he was excellent and a big reason we won.


Vital 1st Team Regular
It was between TJ and Tayo, but I gave it to Tayo, both for playing in 5 different positions during the game and for the overlapping cross for the first goal. But mostly for pass completion.

Best attacking performance of the season from TJ. He is adding dimensions to his game and I think it was very good business to keep him for the season.


Vital 1st Team Regular
Tayo for me too, much improved in defence and great getting forward, highlights being the ball for the first goal and a beautifully timed 'eye of the needle' pass to start the move which(I think?) led to Johnson's penalty shout.

TJ has a good game. Walsh and Jackson also dominant against a tall, physical front line.


Vital Champions League
All the defence played well even though we weren’t under a great deal of pressure. Both FBs were very key to us going forward too. Thought Hopper yet again played really well and was the pick of the front three.
Tayo my MOM.

German Imp

Vital 1st Team Regular
Difficult one this as both Tayo & TJ had really good games add Scully into the mix for his exceptional work rate, plus Walsh for good defending and Hopper for his hold up play and also his defending you can understand the dilemma. However, for me, Tayo just shades it for his all round defending, marauding runs forward the example being the cross for the first goal, but also for tidying up in midfield when required. Composed & professional performance.


Vital Football Hero
Edun - all round game, at the heart of several of our attacking moves, incredible energy and pitch coverage. Never got bullied when defending either.


Vital Reserves Team
Tayo Edun covered every blade of grass. His defending gets better by the week. His 70 yard run into the box during the first half demonstrated his eagerness to get forward at every opportunity. In the second half there he was again in the six yard box waiting for a tap in from a pass that just failed to reach him. He supplied a lovely cut back to lay on the first goal and his overall passing was accurate all game.


Vital Squad Member
Edun. With some big games coming up, it will be a test of how far he has come. He has sometimes struggled against the better teams and he could make the difference if he can keep up this form.


Vital Squad Member
Tayo for me. Cannot believe how far he has come from MApp saying the LB position was up for grabs. Tayo has taken the bull by the horns and made it his own. congratulations Tayo keep it up.