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Who Was Your Man of The Match v Northampton Town?

Who was your Man of The Match v Northampton Town?

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Vital Squad Member
Scully for me, closely followed by Hopper and Johnson. Our forward line harried them the whole game and it showed because our front 3 scored the goals..

A rare event in the modern City history when all the goals are scored by the strikers (4-3-3. a la Liverpool) I suspect Appleton is purring about it as well.


Vital Football Hero
A polar opposite of the last two games where choosing a MOM was more down to who was least shit. Today everyone exceeded those two games and there are many contenders. Gone for Hopper who I thought was superb throughout and killed the game just before the break with a very brave goal


Vital 1st Team Regular
It's another one of them, Michael - a terrific team performance albeit against poor opposition who were abetted by an atrocious referee and allowed to get away with over-physical challenges.

I've gone for Walsh who once again calmly marshalled the defence against an attack who's only tactic was to try and batter and bully them into submission. Also showed his quality again in bringing the ball out and why Bolger was let go.

Pretty well everyone else could be mentioned in dispatches, but after two tough games Johnson showed his qualities again, better decision making and 2 nicely taken goals.


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It was a good all round performance today All Northampton did was bombard our defence with high balls from defence , free kicks and corners and today I think Walsh stood up to it all and he is my MOM


Vital 1st Team Regular
Gone for Scully, but could easily have been Johnson or Hopper any of the defenders or Palmer who whilst not having many saves to make his distribution was first class both kicking an throwing. Great team performance


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Well, MoM could be anyone. A much better team performance, despite the referee seeming determined to let the cobblers hack anything that moved. Palmer, Montsma, Walsh, all superb. As were Eyoma and Edun. Jones, Howarth and Grant industrious in midfield without catching the eye. Scully and Hopper up top were both excellent. And a good cameo from Anderson. Who to pick? Has to be Johnson for his link up play and two goals.


Vital 1st Team Regular
Maybe a bit against the grain..

but Eyoma for me.. not a natural RB, but thought he defended well and got up and down the wing well, even a few nice pieces of skill and I recall a few good balls in.

Could have been so so many though.
I’ve gone for Eyoma too as I’m not sure there’s much more he could have done.


Vital 1st Team Regular
Got to go for Montsma, although strong performances throughout, it looks like Northampton singled him out as the danger man, and he rose to the challenge without retaliation - better than I would have managed.


Vital Squad Member
Gone for Johnson. Did to Northampton what he should have done to Sunderland, with some cool, calm and collected finishing.

Only scored him narrowly more highly than Scully, who added a touch of clinical finishing to his Duracell Bunny style and Hopper, who put his head where it hurts to claim the second.

Palmer was coolness personified also.

No-one had a bad game, despite some old-fashioned physical intimidation from the home side.