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Who Was Your Man of The Match v Ipswich Town?

Who was your Man of The Match v Ipswich Town?

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Vital 1st Team Regular
Bramall - after struggling I'm his first few appearances, has come on really well and was excellent in attack and defence tonight. His support run enabled Rogers' dummy which opened up space for his wonder goal.

Jackson was close but lost Wilson for the equalizer. Rogers combined a better workrate, scored that terrific goal and was always a danger but faded in the second half.


Vital Football Hero
I can only really call it on first half performances. Due to the absence of second half positive intent combined with Ipswich's lack of creativity, it was pretty much a non event.

On that basis, Rogers for the one outstanding moment of quality in the match.


Vital Reserves Team
Hard to say ...as performance was so different for each half. Might give it to Rogers for ‘that’ strike, but he missed opportunities to create good chances for others that cost us goals and two points (but not singling Rogers out). Maybe give it to one of our defenders. Jackson was steady apart from going AWOL for their equaliser, so Montsma for me.

Norfolk Imp

Vital 1st Team Regular
Rogers (another worldy in a season of sensational goals) edges Bramall, who is looking better with every game .... Mick Mills appeared speechless at one point as Cohen raided down the left. :clap:


Vital 1st Team Regular
Bramall for me too.
Can just imagine the look on the commentators' faces as Bramall cruised past two men, then crossed it into the box. Brilliant!


Vital Reserves Team
Like many other Imps I opted for Bramall. Love that pace and it appears he will only get better. Rogers had a magnificent goal and great first half, but I thought Bramall was more consistent over the 90 minutes.


Vital Youth Team
Bramall for me too can only get better, also from the little we've seen of him Sanders hopeful that he can be the same in MF strong tackler, get him under Bridcutts wing.good sidekick for JG.