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Who Was Your Man of The Match v Carlisle United?

Who was your Man of The Match v Carlisle United?

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Vital Champions League
I think I'd go for Anderson tbh. In games like that it's very obvious where his skills lie in comparison to the more skilful but occasionally anonymous Andrade. Without Harry, I don't think we would have got up the pitch much at all. Just didn't quite deliver a final ball but left it all out there.

Pett has a big effect on games, O'Hara really came into it second half and Akinde tried but faded... The rest not really candidates imo


Vital 1st Team Regular
I don't think anyone really stood out. Really difficult game to shine in but I'm marginally going to go for Harry Anderson for his never say die attitude and willingness to keep trying to create problems for the Carlisle defence. Honorary mentions to half the team who were very close for the fighting qualities.


Vital Squad Member
I went for Big John. Was always going to be isolated when we went down to 10 men but was a handfull all the game. Powered his way through two or three men on a few occasions and layed some lovely balls on.


Vital Football Legend
Harry Anderson stood out in a rather lacklustre performance from the team, not helped by being down to 10 for the last hour. While we were playing for a draw in the second half Harry kept going running through players and tackles down our right. For that relentless and positive approach he gets my MOTM.


Vital 1st Team Regular
Harry Anderson for me.
Was injured a little pre-match but then worked his socks off throughout. Fouled all over the place including one full on assault at the end.