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Who Was Your Man of The Match v Accrington Stanley?

Who was your Man of The Match v Accrington Stanley?

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Vital Football Hero
I've gone for Tom Hopper. Plenty tonight didn't play to their usual standards but he was striving throughout to get us going. Couple that with his defensive work at their corners etc and the fact that his goal very nearly got us the 3 points.


Vital Youth Team
Hopper for me, as one of the few who wasn't poor in first half, scored with an exact header and was effective in all areas of the pitch.


Vital Squad Member
I thought Walsh had a good game but I’ve gone for Tom Hopper for his goal and his fine contribution both ends of the pitch including numerous defensive headers.


Vital Football Hero
Walsh was trying to hold a floundering back line together and was the only defender to come out with an above average performance. However Hopper was a man on a mission and his drive and determination was the catalyst to firstly get us back into and then ahead in the game.

We really needed somebody to put himself about and get amongst a very strong Accrington side and his performance was very much one of defending from the front before then taking it to them. On that basis he shades it from Walsh.

The Imposter

Vital 1st Team Regular
Tom Hopper. The only one of our front three who put a ‘shift‘ in, grabbed his goal and also defended particularly well in our own box. Walsh next best.


Vital 1st Team Regular
Hopper for me, too. Worked his socks off, made life difficult for the Accy defence when we were misfing so badly in the first half, bagged the late goal which could have won it for us though the Accy defence did go awol.

Walsh held a defence together which was otherwise fragile with new and returning faces.


Vital Football Hero
Walsh was head and shoulders the best of the back 5.
Hopper was positively involved at both ends. He probably did better defensive work than sone of the actual defenders through the 90. He gets my vote, just from Walsh.

bbh 11

Vital Squad Member
Hopper by a distance. His defensive work from set plays was immense, and he put the the ball in the opposition’s net as well as some good hold up play.


Vital 1st Team Regular
Funny how they either all play well or no-one stands out. I’ve gone for Walsh - once again he makes the hard stuff look effortless and reads the game so well. Honorouble mention to Hopper who played really well and had a well taken goal - great gamble at the back post 👍

Norfolk Imp

Vital Squad Member
Hopper who was excellent at both ends of the pitch .... I wasn't his biggest fan at the beginning of the season, but his overall contribution is very important to the team.


Vital Youth Team
Hopper for me, and changing a player on 85 mins when winning was not good, thats where their second goal came from.Of the 2 new FB'S starting I thlnk Poole played the better of the 2 and from 85 mins on would not have let us down. Never mind , and so we move on.