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Who stays, who goes? Assessing the future of Lincoln City's out-of-contract players


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"Lincoln City's list of out-of-contract players became a little shorter following some high-profile departures during the January transfer window.

Harry Toffolo, Bruno Andrade and Michael O'Connor, whose deals were due to expire at the end of the season, left for pastures new last month while 10 new faces came through the door.

A number of players' futures are up in the air while the prospects of others are more clear-cut."

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So, who should stay and who should go?


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If Ellis leaves along with Freck, where would that leave us on the 'Home grown' front? are we not obliged to field at least one in the Squad?


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The article seems to suggest that Eardley would be ahead of Bostwick in the queue, but I am struggling to agree: surely that is based on Bostwick's injury situation?
Probably. I'd keep both, but a choice of either is no contest. Eardley would be 2nd choice as right back though, assuming Lewis steps up or we find another better.


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It is obviously a slow news day for the Echo to have a poll on who the supporters want to get rid of before we are mathematically certain of still being where we are. Great way to keep players giving it 100% if they think they aren't wanted


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For me Eardley is definitely first on the list ahead of Bostwick.

Other than a better beard Bostwick is behind Eardley.

Pedigree - Eardley was a Championship and PL player pre his injury misfortunes. Bostwick was a non league player that has since played mostly in L1.

Recent Availability - Eardley has not missed a minute this season in the league. Bostwick has had 2 lengthy absences and dodgy back.

Ability to play the MA way - Eardley looks the most comfortable of the defenders with playing out from the back. Bostwick has the touch of a blacksmith at times and this is not his forte.

Having said all that I would have them both. They are experienced and still really good defenders and seem good characters.

Bostwick is consistently a favourite in many imps hearts but Eardley is really Lincoln’s Mr Consistency.


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the new model doesn't say everyone in the squad has to be under 20.
we can still have 20ish youngsters to coach into future championship players, built around a few older heads. i would be keeping both eardley and boz. and trying to sign bridcutt. would keep chapman too as the home-grown first teamer, at least until the new batch come through... which was estimated at 18 months time recently.
In terms of impact, if missing from the side, Bostwick wins over Eardley. That may say more about the cover we have than the players themselves. I also think that Eards legs are starting to go against pace, but when you get through the number of games he does, doing the marauding up and down the pitch he does, then no wonder. Obvious concerns over Bozzie’s fitness. Would love to see both stay for a proper crack at L1 next year!


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The Echo suggested his wages would prevent a permanent move during the summer, but what is the going rate for a 31-year-old who has spent the last year in the bottom half of League One?
maybe the club are pushing that message to try to get him to lower his demands.


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Who stays.................it`s Bossie for certain.......................... imo.
Every week he is not wearing the red and white we suffer defensively.
MA will see an embodiment of his own playing characteristics within Michael Bostwick plus his versatility, experience and leadership puts him head and shoulders above the other options.
find me another one............................keep looking they are not there?

Eardley is short of legs and has been for a long time and we have a ready made replacement in the wings..........he knows he is on his way.
Too often needed a passport to enter the opposition half but of late MA has given him direction on that front but it`s all too late.
will settle nearer home next season.......north west?

Vickers .......no chance of a contract........we can do better.......no domination of his own box.............spine rebuild starts with keeper....good shot stopper does not guarantee the shirt.
Ellis to spend time out on loan next season.....will not get a sniff once the new skins don their gps vests.
Shacks has done a decent job for us and i am embarrassed how some on here have stuck the knife into him..........mistakes,,,,,,,,,,,,every player has made made them but he is carrying the can for his ones.
Thanks Shacks......no contract MA decision
Pett/Freck..........best of luck in your future footballing careers...not good enough.
...............wage reduction pending.
Massive clear out of old squad but Bossie stays..........respect to the man just need another 10 of him and we would be flying.