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Who Remembers 20 Years Ago...


Vital 1st Team Regular
Yes, I remember it clearly. Many happy an hour, the screech of the gulls, the cool autumn breezes off the river. What happened? Did they tear it down? Anyway. Time for my nap.


Vital 1st Team Regular
Has anyone got a full set of the glossy proposed new stadia booklets. They might be valuable collectors items when we are in the Premier League!


Vital Squad Member
Blimey, is it really 20 years? I'm sure I've still got that brochure somewhere...
There was the ‘Jewel in the Sand’ Path to the Premier League one. We also had the Share Prospectus. I think I’ve also got a brochure of the updated plans where the stands looked had the same roof as Yas Marina or Ashford’s Designer Outlet