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Who next?


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Would be happy if we got Flynn as he seems to make his team very difficult to beat. However, whatever happens I hope it’s done and dusted quickly for everyone’s sake. Reading their Forum, the Newport fans seem like a really decent bunch so hope they aren’t also subject to being in limbo like we are, where in my view, managerial changes should be conducted inside a transfer window.


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A few on the Newport forum seem convinced Flynns already been offered the job and will be announced after their Northampton game.
If they play like drains and lose 3-1, they won't even need an announcement!

Wonder whether there will there be more Newport fans than previously expected at Northampton, to say thanks and goodbye. Or less, on the basis the team is already in mourning and won't be able to defend set pieces.


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I agree with Spilsby, they do sound like a decent bunch on the Exiles forum. A position with a manager they would like to stay but not wanting to believe the rumours all sounds very familiar.


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We know how they feel about being in limbo, think we were in it, once last season finished with the Cowleys, they were clearly waiting for the right opportunity.