Who is going to do the write up against les blues today????? | Vital Football

Who is going to do the write up against les blues today?????

Pope John XXIII

Vital Football Legend
Really worried about this one.

It really does not bode well if we cannot beat Birmingham and struggle to create anything again.

And at the same time, it is exactly the kind of game where we are most likely to struggle to create anything.

I can just see a Jutkiewitz header going in.

Hope we can score early and then get another one and have some fun. Really can't see it being anywher near that easy.

Whatever the result, I will be ok with it if we at least creat lots of chances, even if their goalkeeper has a blinder. Want to see our Xg high today


Vital Champions League
Yep, really do hope to see a much improved performance today. Even if we lost but were the better side id be happier. Im tired of my own doom n gloom and not winning today could see us in the bottom 3. So yeah hoping for something to be positive about


Vital Youth Team
Sorry but I think this team selection shows he is clueless - the owner must be scratching his head after signing all those players and with players like Yacob not even making the squad that our best option is Ben Watson at home