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Who are the candidates for our new manager..

As long as Fonseca is happy with the guys that have been hired around him to help him succeed. Power of veto he will have, but I can see Paratici having a strong say in the recruitment process. Personally, I didn't think Jose's lot ever looked as tight as Poch's who still all work together at PSG.

Unified purpose brings a team together. That will take time. I don't like Pochettino's group. There isn't any way to refresh the thinking and inject new ideas.


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Fonzi is still in Ukraine, but people are convinced he agreed to be our manager before he left Italy. Paratici is collecting all the puzzle pieces together now. Looks like Leal has agreed to join the team.

I wouldnt expect any sort of official announcement until Spurs have got everyone holding shirts on the balcony at Hotspur way.
Another Front Office hire maybe be in the works as well.


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I have a sneaky feeling that Fonseca isn’t the person we’re after as there is no reason for it to take this long.
We are either after someone currently employed at the Euro’s or we have recently engaged with someone employed with a club that requires negotiating compensation.
Fonseca is free to go anywhere he wants, so it wouldn’t/shouldn’t take long to conclude a deal with him but some 2-3 weeks after being heavily linked with him, we still don’t have him here. Seems very strange.
He is contracted until end of June and a Visa needs sorting I think Ex already informed us.


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Deal collapsed because of taxes issues despite contract already completed and set to be signed - Fonseca had tax advantages from an Italian law which is not applicable in the UK.


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Fiorentina pulled plug on Gattuso due to recruitment differences as the players recommended and being dealt with by Jorge Mendes were outside of their budget.