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whistle blowers, good or bad?


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from big corporations to actual military operations more information is coming due to the term whistle blowing, whilst those at the top of the organisations try to stop and indeed spend a lot of money doing so, and at the shop floor level those that whistle blow are bullied or gagged ...

so where do you stand on it?



Pride of Lions

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Depending on the circumstances I suppose.

If it is a hospital worker, probably yes. Someone in the armed forces that may put others at risk, then no.


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Pride of Lions - 20/6/2013 11:50

Depending on the circumstances I suppose.

If it is a hospital worker, probably yes. Someone in the armed forces that may put others at risk, then no.

:1: :1: :1: Agrees. It is not a black & white situation. Nothing ever is



The recent military whistle blowing in the states is fine in my opinion, why shouldn't everyone know that innocent civilians are being chopped down by machine gun fire from the safety of a chopper.

IF a whistle blower tells the truth about an illegal operation, how can that put others at risk? The whistle is blown on an activity or operation that has already been carried out, how does that put others at risk? It's over!

I don't believe our right to know the truth is dependant on circumstances.


The Fear

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Good, in a democracy, unless genuinely putting other lives at risk (it isn't black and white as kefkat says) then we should have the information at hand and we should know of wrong doings by our public servants.

Thomas Holte

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My experience of senior hospital management is the higher the level you actually deal with - the more devious and and sly they are so I'm all for naming them in public, provided they have actually misused the trust people placed in them.


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i for one are all in favour of them in the public services, as at times hear some harrowing stories of mistreatment and bullying both to patients and staff (by other staff). the one nurse who was treating me at home had to leave a hospital due to her reporting other members of staff physically bullying patients (think dementia etc). the other staff made her life hell and she almost had a breakdown.

as for military, wonders what would of happened if someone would of spoke up before iraq, or maybe they tried to and gagged or worse killed?


badge73 - 21/6/2013 11:56

wonders what would of happened if someone would of spoke up before iraq, or maybe they tried to and gagged or worse killed?

They did!

Dr David Kelly forgotten already! Suicide my arse.


"Crucially, in his report, Hutton declared that the principal cause of death was bleeding from a selfinflicted knife wound on Dr Kelly's left wrist.

Yet Dr Nicholas Hunt, the pathologist who carried out the post-mortem examination on DrKelly, stated that he had cut only one blood vessel - the ulnar artery.

Since the arteries in the wrist are of matchstick thickness, severing just one of them does not lead to life-threatening blood loss, especially if it is cut crossways, the method apparently adopted by DrKelly, rather than along its length.
The artery simply retracts and stops bleeding.

As a scientist who would have known more about human anatomy than most, DrKelly was particularly unlikely to have targeted the ulnar artery. Buried deep in the wrist, it can only be accessed through the extremely painful process of cutting through nerves and tendons.

It is not common for those who commit suicide to wish to inflict significant pain on themselves as part of the process.
In Dr Kelly's case, the unlikelihood is compounded by the suggestion that his chosen instrument-was a blunt pruning knife."

Robin Cook

"Robin Cook died shortly after revealing the truth about Al Qaeda. Heart attack.
He was still alive when he was removed from his wife. She was not permitted to accompany him."

"Robin Cook

Robin Cook stated in Parliament in 2005 that Al Quaeda was only a database of mujahideen and fighters, and the fiction that Al Quaeda was a coherent terrorist organisation with OBL at its head was a creation of the CIA. Two months later Robin Cook died suddenly, of a convenient heart attack while on a country stroll with his wife. He was whisked away to hospital by helicopter without his wife, who was not permitted to accompany him, although he was still alive. At the age of 54, this brave man, like so many others who stood in their way, was no more. By such means has the Bin Laden myth been maintained."

Bin Laden Stuff And Nonsense

Osama Bin Laden was announced dead nine years ago. He was announced dead in Pakistan in 2002 by President Musharraf. In 2003 the head of the FBI said he was dead. In 2005 a US senator stated that OBL was dead. In 2006 French Intelligence said he was dead. In 2007 Benazir Bhutto announced he was dead. 2009, the Pakistani President said Americans hadn't heard from Bin Laden for 7 years.

Notwithstanding all this evidence, the USA claims that in 2011 they shot and killed him, and then threw his body into the ocean. I doubt any body thrown was actually his, but the Bin Laden myth, at least, has finally been laid to rest.

This is just scratching the surface



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indeed sir steff :14: no one can forget about the poor doctor kelly and the way he looked at the hearing and his poor death which i agree was a set up, all for the sake of blair and bush (million people marched against it, yet no doubt most still voted in labour at the next election, could not make it up if you tried)

the same type of persecution is happening with the wiki leaks and the bloke in hong kong who spoke about the lack of privacy the u.s is giving the average joe in the street.


Julian Assange

Bradley Manning

Edward Snowden

And there are many many more, we need more people who will not blindly follow orders, more people who know right from wrong, because that is all it is.



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Wikileaks has helped US whistleblower Edward Snowden flee Hong Kong, it claimed today.

The National Security Agency (NSA) intelligence technician had been hiding in the city but caught a flight out to Moscow this morning, the Hong Kong government confirmed.

In a statement, WikiLeaks said its legal advisors were on the plane with Snowden and they would help 'secure is safety' at his 'final destination'.

The whistleblower is expected to travel on to another country after landing in Russia. WikiLeaks did not reveal which one it would be, but it is expected to be Iceland or Ecuador as he is likely to be able to claim political asylum there.

In tweets from its official account, Wikileaks said: 'WikiLeaks has assisted Mr. Snowden's political asylum in a democratic country, travel papers ans [sic] safe exit from Hong Kong.

'Mr. Snowden is currently over Russian airspace accompanied by WikiLeaks legal advisors.'

Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2346765/Edward-Snowden-Whistleblower-left-Hong-Kong-Russia-help-Wikileaks-day-US-charges-spying.html#ixzz2X2bwYRel

do honestly admire the russians when it comes to winding up and stirring the crap in the international arena, as they do treat it as a game of chess, playing mind games with the americans and basically running them ragged.


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The Dr Kelly situation stinks so badly that there must have been a cover up.

Whistle blowing is fine if it's in the public's interest.



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Hoardes of press types booked onto an Aeroflot flight from Moscow to Havana as Mr Snowden also was.

They are currently flying to Havana, but the person they wanted to speak to, isn't on the flight! :2: :3:


I agree its not a straight cut situation in classing a whistleblower good or bad but things like the US and British government spying on us and delving into our lives without the right to do so needs to be put out there imo as when our kids are older if we allow this security type state to continue we will not be allowed to fart without permission or someone knowing you did it

The NHS one is needed and shows that people's health and lives are being compromised for money and there stats targets set by the government which is a disgrace, our NHS will not be here for much longer we will end up like the US who have one of the poorest records for healthcare in the world its shocking