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Where haven't you been



Speaking of the Vatican, seems ET has been visiting them and setting up religion to brainwash the masses




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I've never been to the vatican.
Oh no. Not another Religion thread.

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:19: :19: :19: :19: :19: :19: Neither have I

Neither have I.......

Wouldn't want to go there anyway....... :22:

I wouldn't be welcomed their anyway as I am NOT Catholic

Pride of Lions

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Never been to South America or Canada, but always.

Never been to America, but never been keen on going - with all respect to our American brothers and sisters. Not keen on the gun culture there.


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Never been to America - why? beacause i imagine it to be full of people full of themselves with no knowledge about the uk (ive heard they all think we know the queen) and also i just imagine fat people ramming as much as they can down their necks. I also don't really fancy a doughnut or a pancake for breakfast.

Saying that, i think in a few years time i might go.

this post isnt meant to offend anyone.....