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What's annoying North Korea?



"Relations between the United States and North Korea have reached a nadir, and in most Western media reports it is the seemingly irrational harsh rhetoric emanating from North Korea that is to blame. Inexplicably, we are told, North Korea has chosen to raise tensions.
What is missing from this image of hostile North Korean behavior and blameless American victimhood is context. As is often the case, the media present events in an isolated fashion as if arising suddenly and without cause."

Read on ; http://www.counterpunch.org/2013/04/09/whats-annoying-the-north-koreans/


No, not at all..But I found it an interesting read from the left. You know me Heath, I like to read both sides and dont take everything I hear in the media for granted. It does make one wonder if the USA have a hidden agenda. After all they were wrong about the WOMD in Iraq, a story so vividly sold to us at the time.


Read this article from Sept 2012;


It seems oil is involved, China is involved and USA have an excuse to move their military to the East using N.Korea as a make weight. Makes one wonder!
I agree it is advisable to look at it from both sides, but a quick check on the main facts in that article make you realise that it isn't presenting any sort of case at all. Certainly, in isolation, it says nothing that can be verified that contradicts the mainstream view.

As for the New Scientist Article - what has Oil in the the South China Sea with a disagreement between China and Japan at it's heart, got to do with Korea?

Personally I prefer articles like this:-

Kim shoots a 38 under par, complete with 11 holes-in-one, his first time golfing. You may not know this, but, according to the state-run North Korean media, Kim Jong-Il is the best golfer in history.

Back in 1994, North Korea's first golf course was opened in Pyongyang, and Kim decided to play it. He'd never golfed before, but wow, was he a natural.

In his first-ever round of golf, he shot a world-record 38 under par... including another world record 11 holes-in-one! And even though all 17 of his bodyguards were eyewitnesses and swear they saw that go down, for some reason, the round-eye devils at "Guinness" fail to recognize either record.

After that round, the media tells us, Kim decided to retire from golf forever, lest he ruin it for us mortals.


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Trying to keep it short and sweet..... I think they (the North) are so wound up and into the "old" China's way of thinking, that every little shit there has been brainwashed. Even though China realise they have to trade etc with the west, little N Korea are so into themselves, they don't care, they prefer the old "little man syndrom" ie little man making the biggest noise - just to be noticed.

Of course, being communist doesn't help.


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I found my trip to Ho Chi Minh City in Vietnam very interesting. Most of their tourist attractions are connected to the war or independence.

It was the first time I'd got the Vietnamese perspective on it.

I'm sure that North Korea feels itself to be the victim of American aggression just as Al Qaeda do.


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I saw John Carey on the TV earlier saying how the US wouldn't hesitate to defend its allies. Perhaps the US is looking to strike now before they get a working nuke and the chance is gone?


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What's upsetting North Korea?

Everyone realizes their tubby young Yung isn't very good. So the propaganda machine needs to ramp up to make him look even reasonable.
Maybe their living conditions...

Here's How Lousy Life Is in North Korea

North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un might talk tough, but he presides over one of the weakest, most dilapidated economies in the world.

In fact, North Korea's military showmanship and threats of nuclear war usually come when the nation is desperate for food aid or other forms of economic assistance. "Any time the North Koreans are screaming and behaving badly, something's going on they're not happy about," says Stephen Haggard, a professor at the University of California--San Diego and an expert on North Korea.

Read more: http://finance.yahoo.com/news/heres-lousy-life-north-korea-135740771.html
Just announcing his authority isn't he, sabre rattling and a load of bluster.

Not exactly new for N Korea, it's just his time to show he's not afraid of the US.


merlin - 15/4/2013 18:46

What presenters and cameras all?
If its presenters and cameras, then it will be staged and a pointless exercise. However im kinda hoping it will be under the counter, unpermitted footage from inside the country, maybe from some journalist that has hidden cameras(which is risky in itself because if he was caught he would be shot). It should be an interesting watch!