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What was that?


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That was one of the most inept displays I've seen against a team that has lost most of its games at home. Players do what they're told to do & need coaching about changing their tactics to change a situation which they are not winning. Virtually total domination, especially in the second half, led to nothing. I had predicted the same results as before when we played teams below us, but thought we'd learnt our lesson.
Time for a change Mr. Scally!


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Bonham’s got to save it for me.

Jackson gets worse with each game. He can’t defend. And he can’t beat a man to get an attacking cross in.

Cundy makes me nervous.

Graham is a one-trick pony and teams have worked him out.

Strikers didn’t look like scoring.

Scrappy game, misplaced passes, lots of long aimless punts, little threat from corners, attacking free kicks and long throws.

Playoff chances thrown away.


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Time to wake up and smell the coffee. We were never going to make the play offs with our inconsistency all season. As others have said just be grateful we we are surviving - safe in mid table will suit me.
Not sure why people keep going on about playoffs. Have they seen us this season?

We have been incredibly inconsistent this season, and to be honest, even in a lot of the games we won, we've not set the world on fire. Maybe 3-4 games we've looked like playoff material. The others have been fairly average and simply got the job done like on Saturday vs bristol rovers. That said, i dont think every playoff team looks like playoff material in every game either.

We are just in classic mid table form. Some good games, some poor games, wins followed by losses. Beating top teams, then losing vs supposedly crap relegation fodder. It's just inconsistency - and we need to not look at 1-2 results/performances on their own and get upset when we lose a game. We need to look at the season as a whole - and currently we're sitting fairly stable mid table.

It would be good to push for a top half finish. That would be a fairly good season considering the circumstances. A bottom half might be a bit more of a cause for concern, but not desperately bad and not 'Evans out' if we do. It depends how close it is.


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Mid-table/too half again with a rubbish budget will be good on paper. It just always grates how we’ll beat a load of the teams at the top while also gifting horrid teams at thee bottom their first win in x amount of games.

A word on their stadium. I’m happy they’ve got their own ground but it’s an ugly 10k all-seater stadium. The Taylor report states you need to be all-seater three seasons after promotion to the Championship, while new stadia have to be all-seater providing their old stadium was all-seater. So why don’t they have terracing?! I see they have rail seats at one end, which is a poor substitute and more costly.
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Not sure about 'we beat a load of teams at the top'
I think of the 'top'sides at home we've won 0 drawn 1 lost 7, with just Doncaster to come. Away our style suits better and means we should have a reasonable chance at Pompey, who are also much better away and struggle at home
15th has been a typical position for Gills in recent years - looks like same old again
If that happens I expect Evans + to walk as they'll know we'll lose Graham and Dempsey and they cant face that