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what ever happened to man music?


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years ago we had music for men such as level 42, mike and the mechanics, dire straits, tears for fears (though he was close to that when i asked about his favourite waitress lol) and going back a bit further bad company and thin lizzy.

even had solo artists for man music, chris rea, clapton but sadly all gone ...

where did it go and why? plus whose to blame, the metro lot?

The Fear

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what bizarre choices for 'men music'

Level 42 was pop for all. Tears For Fears were pop idols and the women were all over them.

Clapton, Rea, Dire Straits, yeah, fair comment, more a mans thing!


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it all depends on what you call man music, you see, i see it as being defined on different generations of men gently nodding their heads all in agreement, hence including the likes of level 42 and tears for fears, would include the likes of godly and cream, Genesis as well ... but my point still stands where is it now and why did it disappear?

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Well Genesis was always seen as "Adult Orientated Rock", but of course Phil Collins decided to do his pop "thing" for a while then went into semi retirement due to his increasing deafness, apparently.

I think it's an ageism thing. But these days you don't need to be able to play an instrument well these days with the ever increasing fangled methods of producing "music". The classic rock stars - what I call "Man Music" are all getting on. Some have died. The fact is they are not being replaced by up and coming stars.

At the moment, all I can say is don't be sad because they are not being replaced, but rejoice in the fact they are leaving us a great dirth of quality music to listen to in our oncoming"old age".

The Fear

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Still some about, last two Mick Jagger solos were gems, albeit not very well marketing.

Hurts are like Tears For Fears

New Depeche Mode out. New Bowie (brilliant) Biffy Clyro is man rock really. Springsteen still releases, The Gaslight Anthem is bloke rock as well.

In fact, feck orf, what you on about Badge!!!! LOL

Oh and Robert Plant etc

Nah, next!!!!!!!!!!!!


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I'm thinking the sort of blokes that nodded approvingly to Dire Straits and Chris Rea, were the types that sat in sheds, wore sports jackets, driving gloves and big sunglasses to compliment their tight beige trousers, groomed their moustaches and waxed their cars on driveways whilst telling off passing kids.

If the music gone, means those blokes are gone, then good riddance: Scary fuckers!


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All subjective.
"Man music " to me is rock music.
Led Zep, Deep Purple etc.

But, we will choose different things

You will, of course, all be wrong.


One Bloody Number
Trying to define 'man music' is ridiculous, because there are som many different types of men.

Some men might like to grow their hair long, get fat, wear leather jackets, ride motorcycles and listen to other big fat hairy men shouting at the top of their lungs and consider bands like Metalica and ACDC to be man music.

Other men are slightly more refined, prefer to dress a bit smarter but still like a bit of aggression in their music and therefore prefer bands like Kasabian, Oasis, The Prodigy etc..

Some men could be suit wearing cassanovas shagging 30 different women a month, and getting down and dirty to Jay-Z or Kanye.

Pigeon Holing never works.

I'd hate to be so single minded and enclosed. I like to listen to a vast variety of music, wear a vast variety of clothes, and socialise with a vast variety of different people with different personalities.

Couldn't cope with a life so boring as dressing a certain way, listening to a certain type of music all the time, just sounds odd to me.

I find most people like that are usually pretty socially inept.


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McGrath4Pope - 28/3/2013 13:58

Some of the 'man music' choices on here are VERY Alan Partridge!!!

"Wings...the band the Beatles could have been"

(not the band)

by the way, i fully agree with what you say, Deano - hell, i've been a psychedelic trance dj, electro house dj, listen to metal, dub, and various other types of music....variety is most definitely the spice of life

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You talk of Man Music but I'm listening to Joanne Shaw Taylor from Dudlay at the moment(Chech the Whaat Album thread" for the cover. She may not be a Man but she plays and sings "with balls" as faar as I'm concerned.

A little about her:

Joanne Shaw Taylor
More about Joanne Shaw Taylor
Pictures for download

artist's website

Hailing from the British Midlands, Taylor was discovered at age 16 by Dave Stewart of the Eurythmics, who recruited her to play guitar in his side-project D.U.P. Tours with Stewart and fellow band members Jimmy Cliff, Candy Dulfer and Mudbone Cooper provided a first taste of the international stage. Taylor then spent several years developing her craft as a guitarist and, in particular, as a singer and writer of original material. She signed to Ruf Records in 2008 and recorded her debut, White Sugar, with Grammy-winning producer Jim Gaines - a direct link to two of her greatest guitar heroes, Albert Collins and Stevie Ray Vaughan. The album became the best-selling artist debut in the history of Ruf Records and garnered a nomination as Best New Artist Debut at the 2010 Blues Music Awards.
Following 18 months of intense touring activity, including a stint on the 2009 Blues Caravan Tour, Taylor returned to Gaines' studio outside of Memphis in 2010 to record her follow-up disc, Diamonds in the Dirt. Reuniting her with veteran session players Steve Potts and Dave Smith, Diamonds reflects a somewhat heavier sound, which Taylor attributes to her new musical environment: Increasingly in demand at clubs and festivals throughout North America, Taylor recently set up a new home base in Detroit, Michigan. "Detroit had an influence on the album and added to the vibe," she says. "There's a huge amount of incredible bands and musicians in this city and it's been incredible to be exposed to them." Still just 25, Taylor has already taken the first few hurdles on the way to a long and successful career.




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As someone who used to be a promoter for Record Companies I can tell you.

Because who buys records ? - teenage girls.

Whether it is Bieber, One Direction or The Wanted aimed so girls want them to marry them


Little Mix, Girls Aloud or the Spice Girls where girls just want to be like them.

Thats where record companies (and lets face it, Simon Cowell specifically) earn their money.

He has no bloody interest in finding the next Morrissey or Clapton.

Unfortunately, around 20 yrs ago, TV and Music companies merged (I was there the day it happened , its a well known story re: Robson and Jerome, not many people know it happened in West Bromwich !)- it was the worst thing to happen to the music industry EVER.

It was the day when the powers that be found out it wasn't about the quality, it was about how many people watched it.

And that's why you will never get another "Smiths" or "Joy Division"

Such a shame


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Forgot to add- it is also to do with the "download".

Simple maths really, in the good old days, a band could tour, get a following, release a single and maybe 5000 sales would get it in the Top 40 , then, if Peel, or Nightingale, or as with the likes of FGTH Relax, you then get a break on TOTP - it goes to the masses, and you can climb the ladder.

Now, with the download, these types of bands can't get a look in, a cheesy pop track gets played on MTV, or Heat or whatever, kids hear it, download that, real bands can't get on that rung.

Two things need to happen to save music

1. A new crop of DJ's championing real music like Peel / Nightingale

2. Re-invent a chart similar to what was the "Indie chart"

However, I must say, even though I say this, there

a) Is some bloody good music being made

b) Singles are selling more now than at any other time

So it can't be all that bad


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I think there is a lot of good music out there, it's just harder to find these days.

I've stopped listening to the radio or watching TV because there is nothing on there for me. It's all of that bland pop culture being force-fed into you. It's the same with newspapers and magazines. I think it's easier for me here though. If I was in the UK, pop culture is so ubiquitous that it's pretty much impossible to ignore.

I've just discovered an musician who calls himself Pantha Du Prince. It's a shit name but I'm loving his music. It's music that doesn't have to be 3 minutes long and will never sell in big numbers but he makes it anyway.

I can't imagine that many of the prog rock fans on here would like but it's just a sample of the thousands of people out there making music because they love it, rather than being made into a package which can be sold to little girls.